Thursday, May 19, 2005

When Life Hands You Lemons, Eat Them!

Dakota log: 3:19 am. Why am I awake? The reason is two-fold. 1) I am a college student & have no common sense when it comes to bed times. 2) I just finished watching the midnight showing of Star Wars Episode III. Why was I doing that, you may ask. I have no real loyalty to the Star Wars movies. The answer can be found a long, long time ago, in a galaxy far away. . .
Actually, Kali wanted to go, so I said sure. It was good for me to go, I think. For I see the rebellionthat was in Annakin in myself. My mum is forever telling me to take out my contacts before bed. Unfortunately I haven't listened to date. And now, after a trip to the eye doctor, it appears as thought this has caused my eyes to swell (jealous of my brain) thus making my already poor vision worse. The good news: it's reversable if I start taking the stupid things out. Also, my Laura is always telling me to not eat lemons straight up, because the acid will make my teeth fall out. No, my teeth have not escaped from my mouth, but I have come up with another reason to avoid eating mass quantities of lemons: stomach ache. Now I have no desire to become a sith lord, so I think I shall take my contacts out, avoid leomons outside of lemonaide, and maybe even go to bed!

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