Friday, May 20, 2005

Time for Ranting and Roving

Ah, life is swell. Isn't it grand! I'm having a good day. Why? It is nearly 9 o'clock. 'Tis the very witching hour, when poor college students (like me) go out, and scour the town for jobs and dirt pay like starving dogs. I need to pull 60hrs/week at least 'til I leave in order to make returning to school a reality. I'm feeling a bit sardonic, but the reality is a little hard to absorb.

Working makes you really appreciate college. I don't see working the night-shift at Tim Horton's as my life's vocation. I must get a college education, and preferably get something so good, that they pay me to go there, or at least I can get a good enough job to pay for whatever education I'll need next. I'm afraid I must be downright frugle next semester. I'll see if I can hire myself out as a handyman to the professors. All my afternoons are free next year. But I need hard work, and I also need cash, and if the two came together I'd be most hospitable.

Memorial day is almost here. I really miss you guys. I can't say that it doesn't feel strange not to see y'all everyday. Anyway, Memorial day is almost here. That means swimming and sailing 'round here. It is very pretty around here, and I'll take some pictures for y'all if you like. It's funny, but I never really realized how pretty a spot my hometown is. I guess that's why they call it "the chosen spot".

By the way, I have falsified my profile. For those still unaware, I do not, nor have i ever, lived in Ireland. Don't let the accent mislead you, maybe it'll be gone naturally by the time we return, but I'm not Irish! However, all y'alls know that, so I guess I just wasted some typing time.

Well, I'll think of something creative to post in the evening. Missing y'alls.
-da Peachmeister

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  1. Coming from the lion tamer in Kenya, don't worry about people thinking you're from Ireland. The accent might be a bit of a probelem, but I don't think those out in blogdom will be able to tell. ;)