Sunday, May 22, 2005

Time for Philosophy with Peachy

It so happens that often I pass the time with much thinking. Or I start to think about something, while doing soemthing else. I call it contemplating the highest forms while driving the car, painting, or taking garbage to the dumb. I get very pensive, and begin to muse upon being. And then it leads into concepts, and judgements, and reasoning. All very good and all. Now what brought this on.

You see, I was driving in the neighborhood my Ford minivan completely filled with trash to the city dump. I was wearing a stained white tee chirt, and some dirty paint paints, since I had been engaged in lots of cleaning in the barn. Well, there was this house I was driving by, when suddenly I leaned back more comfortably in the seat, sat upright, and decided that steering with one arm was cooler than with two. This house happened to be the residence of a girl I know. She's a very pretty Jewish girl I had known since kindergarten. That's beside the point, the important thing is that I knew a girl I knew lived there. Now, of course I looked all get out and hip, a dirty stinky trashball driving a minivan filled with junk, that would be a great impression right? Yeah ... right. Anyway the fascinating thing was that my reaction was completely automatic. Guys seem to have something built in them to go at length to impress girls. Even if there not physically present, or even watching. The possibility of them being there or watching is the key.

I think there is something in the way God designed us guys that we delight in impressing girls. however, there is one problem. The little problem of Original Sin has messed the hardwiring up. The form of properly impressing girls has been lost, and man must learn by trial and error. Sometimes this leads to death. Consider the chap who thought to impress the ladies by doing a deep dive in a shallow pool. He is quite dead. Consider the poor fool who impulsively Irish danced for ladies on picnic tables. He is mostly dead: social suicide. Ah, I could list more silly examples of social death, yes! Remember those stupid freshmen who sang the "Lumberjack song" with all those graduating seniors, who were either leaving or safely engaged! Yes, those fools socially are quite dead . I believe half the campus hated them for it. Half the campus is not a good figure. But they weren't impressing ladies (obviously and foolishly, and they've learned better so my sources tell me), so I'm veering off topic.

But out of death there is resurrection! For those physically dead, at the last judgement! For those socially dead, there is the summer! God in his infinte mercy created seasons, and inspired schoolmasters to plan accordingly.

Later, I sat by the lake and thought this whole question over. Among guys there is a spirit of competition, and showing off. Consider ladies, have you ever had guys fight each other in front of you (in a friendly sort of way: e.g. a duel), or do crazy things? I think it's one of those funny guy things of showing off. I know it applies to me. I've done it plenty of times. I think if there were no girls about, I would have done less crazy things. But I did them anyway: like jumping into the Shenandoah on a cold and windy day. there were other crazy things, but maybe it's a good thing I can't remember a whole lot of them right now.

The fact is, freshman year was a good year to test the extremes and find a balance. Sometimes the realm of joking went too far. Now I know better. Sometimes doing bold things ended up doing something rude and offensive. But the lessons learned help me sort out some good boundaries. I think women have it easier in this regard, since quite a bit of learning is helped by your example.

Well, anyway, here's to being the wise fool, a sophomore. I'm aiming to be clean cut, and clean shaven consistantly next year. Perhaps it's maintaining good outward appearances that betray habits of interior discipline. I'll work on that. Well, another successfully long winded post. Sleep beckons to me.

The sea is a mistress whose love no woman can challenge and win.


  1. Well Peach, unfortunately girls do it, too. Not in the same way, mind you, but we still do it.

  2. Wow ... Peter, has anyone ever told you that you think too much?

    Actually, I am willing to wager (on past experience) that many of the things that guys do to impress girls they would wind up doing anyway, even if girls did not exist. We might not have done it at that particular moment but we would have done them eventually.

    As to extremes of all kinds... well that is part of life. It is painful but there is no time of life where you aren't going to be making mistakes and fixing them. There is nothing magic about being a sophmore... just ask the old sophmores about that one. Don't worry, most people forget far, far more than they remember ... and what they remember tends to be the good stuff, not the foolish. (At least in my experience.) *shrugs*

  3. He doesn't think too much! At least . . . I mean, I think that much anyway!

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  5. Well, I know that girls do the whole impressing thing, only in a different fashion. God has fashioned men and women in very different complementary ways, and it's interesting when you realize how different our personalities are because of that design. They're quite different, incomprehensible, but that's a good thing. Adds to the designed randomness of life, I think!

    Well, ladies, you may toast to the freshman class! I, however, shall meekly drink from my glass of milk, marvel at the changing dynamic, and regard the ensuing madness.

  6. No, not too much... just too much. I wasn't trying to say that your excess of mental processes are evil, but rather that they are. (i.e. "be") I rather enjoy it. Don't stop thinking too much Pete. ;-)

  7. Don't worry, Peter, you're not socially dead for singing "He's a lumberjack and he's okay." For one thing, I couldn't see well enough to know for sure who everyone was. For another, I thought it was pretty funny.