Saturday, May 21, 2005

The Seans are Everywhere!

So along with Peachy & Quia, the White Phantom is also unemployed & searching for a job. My mum wants me to get a job that I can walk to, because we share a car. So the places in my area that are hiring.....Arby's. Yup, it's possible that the WP will forever more smell of french frie grease after this summer. When I told one of my SD friends this, she exclaimed, "Oh! You can work with Sean!" Sean is one of her brothers friends, but I wouldn't call him one of mine. Then I went to a CCD teacher appreciation dinner where the main topic of conversation was the old diocesan youth minister, named none other than *dum dum dum daaa* Sean. Seans are everywhere!

On a slightly similar note, Mum & I were washing dishes & I had a slight flashback to all the times I washed dishes while babysitting throughout the year. “However,” I told my mum, “There would need to be more yelling & running around.” “Like what?” she asked. “It would go something like this. Liam! It’s your turn to wash the counters & table, get down here! Dec, don’t hit your sister. Yes, Joanie I saw that. It’s okay. Clement, what are you doing?” “Playing on the computer.” “Well you need to sweep.” “Okay.” “Has anyone seen Tobias? Dec, leave your sister alone! Seamus? Seamus! SEA--” “I’m right here.” (Usually from right behind me.) “Oh, sorry, um, can you take Dec upstairs. And go find Tob! Clement, why are you still at the computer? Joan, hold on, I’ll play with you as soon as I finish the dishes.”
*sigh* I miss those kids.

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