Saturday, May 21, 2005

Old website stuff...

So I'm digging through some stuff on my websites I made in Germany, and I ran across some really funny things, most of which being pictures. I think you guys might have a laugh at some of these:
This used to be my avatar for a forum until people got absolutely annoyed with it:

See if you can decifer this one; I translated it and created the image myself . . . heheh.

And here is me way back when the day before I cut my hair:

You may freak out now :)

P.S. - I just recently found this lil'brudder avatar that is classic:


  1. Pretty cool avatar ... are those marvel characters doing ballet or fight stances?
    You kinda look like me with that haircut. Except that know I look like Conan the barbarian, or some wild celt. I'm not quite Braveheart here, but it's close. I'm gonna have to beg money from my banker/sister to get my ears lowered.

  2. Um, my computer was just slow. That avatar is definitely something else. What do they call, that???

  3. Anyone who can put all those things on his blog post deserves the title "Geek"!

    Love you, Ry!

  4. I can see why people would get annoyed... But that's fun.

  5. Lil'brodder! WHY?????!!!!!!
    Wow, I didn't know what you looked like with hair. Wow

  6. that is just scary....;-)

  7. So those avatar people look like they're dancing to Dragostea Din Tei. Lol, it works anyway.

  8. Carducci1:37 PM

    U didn't look "bad" with longer hair, just "different" in a shocking, woah type of way!!

  9. I like the Tengwar. But I suppose I shouldn't give away what it says?

    Why didn't you finish the quote? Just ran out of room? I mean for the words "tenn' Ambar-metta." (Okay, that's a little hint for those poor souls who can't read Tengwar.)