Sunday, May 22, 2005

Oh Sith!

I did it. I finally saw "Revenge of the Sith." It did not disappoint in the least. Ok, so there was the cheezy love scene with the two lovers, but it did do an amazing job at explaining many of the things that happened on the on the way to that third episode, namely episodes 1 and 2. I felt there were, it seems, many different parts of it that you guys might get excited over, such as the happy couple referring to the unborn children as a "baby", not as something less human.
Well, you guys should see it. It is really good. GO! NOW!


  1. I agree that it wasn't disappointing in that it was far better than I and II, but to say that it wasn't disappointing at all, I can't. IMHO, there was far too much humor in it. The first 15 minutes was mostly 'funny' stuff--too much of an appeal to a larger audience, which loses the original Star Wars effect; however, it was better, again, in this area than I and II. The acting was perhaps not horrible, but certainly not the best. The CG was actually not bad, at least in comparison of those they used in the preview. I enjoyed it because it portayed the story well, bringing the beginning to a 'close,' and because there was some good photography in there. From a filmmaker's perspective, it was not excellent because there were some disappointing shots in there, it was badly directed (bad acting is the result thereof) and innappropriate use of humor. I can accept the humor on the grounds that it was to relieve expectations of viewers because of the humor found in the previous two movies, so as to get it out of the audience's systems and allow for the original style to be brought back in, even though it was not done extremely well.

  2. My problem with the movie was with the monologues. There was some important monologuing between Anakin and Obi-wan that could've been alot better. Monologues are very important to the climactic duel as it sums of the moral message of the dueling antagonists.