Wednesday, May 25, 2005

My basic summer plans

Well, I felt left out and have decided to give the rough outline of my plans for the summer. So, with out further prepositional phrases, here I go:
My first and foremost goal, as with you , is to acquire some sort of income. I may be working part time at University of Maryland in my dad's building, moving people's offices or something like that. I also hope to get a job somewhere else, maybe at a farm market nearby.
Secondly, I hope to read and watch movies. To be more specific, I intend to read the entire Chronicles of Narnia, Lord of the Rings Trilogy, and all the books that I purchased at the Library, plus other ones that I have to check out from the public library.
Thirdly, I intend to perform a revolutionary task: I will take Charismatic songs and make then Christendom appropriate (aka, rewrite them in Latin and put them to Gregorian Chant.) This would have been much easier if "Our God is an Awesome God" didn't have verses. It is so hard to find a Latin word that is, in English, "Ritz." This may be the hardest thing I do this summer.
Fourth, I am working on the rough screenplay for the sad movie I am making, the one that several of you showed interest in. This is the one with the depressed guy who lost his girlfriend. The Non-operatic Phantom was originally going to be cast as the girl and other crazy things were going to happen. This is the one inspired by "My Immortal." It would be nice to make a movie that could be considered serious by everyone, not just me. I mean, it's not my fault it looks funny to strangle a guy with a necktie or to drag a body across a hallway.
There are other things that will happen during these next three months. I hope I can find out what they are soon.


  1. It's not the strangling or the draging that's funny, it's, well, you. I don't know, you're just too sweet to be the insane murderer type. *shrug* I'd say that's a good thing. As far as Gregorian Chant-Latin Awesome God, good luck! Make sure to do Tradin' My Sorrows & the Cartoon Song (that already has plenty of Alleluias!) So I'm a Non-operatic Phantom? I wouldn't be so sure about that... :)

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  3. Hey Ibid...the reason I removed my comment was because I didn't read through it so it didn't make sense. But anyway the part of your movie idea that i heard sounded awesome. (hey if i could help in anyway, proff read it or something, lemme know) Also have fun translating.;-)