Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Maybe job?

Well folks, I may be an employed Phantom pretty soon. That would be absolutely lovely. I first tried at my local Christian bookstore, but they sent me packing. So then I went off in persute of more different jobs. I was hoping to work in either the expresso bar or the bakery of my local grocery store, so I went there. The lady took one look at my application and saw I'd been a stable hand and said, "This girl knows how to work! Get her in the bakery." Then she asked me if this was just a summer job. I said yes and she said nevermind. Ugh. But then she went around the store asking different departments if there were any openings. Nothing is for sure yet, but it sounds like I may be working in floral or produce. But we will see. She told me to call back on Tuesday. Say a couple of prayers for me, aye?

In other news, Captian Oblivious talked to my cat the other day on the phone and unlike Quia's dog, she hasn't tried to die. However I am convinced that she has developed telekinetic powers. She has been shutting doors & making things fall without touching them. Now most people would say it's just the wind (& they're probably right!) but I prefer to blame it on CO, it's more fun that way.

In other other news, Quia has been badgering (badger, badger, badger...) me to put my pictures on the internet. So at midnight tonight I started that endevor. Note: not a good time to start things that require thought. I figured I'd use one of those press a couple-of-buttons-and-you-have-a-web-page deals because I was too lazy to write code. I mean, I just wanted a spot for my pictures. Bad idea. I have one word for those things: annoying. Really, really annoying. But the end of it, I was ready to throw Simon (my computer) out the window. It didn't help that he was being really slow. But I saw the stupid thing through and here it is Oh, and Quia's got me dropping stuff. I was impressing my mum today with my mad cooking skills when I dropped a stick of butter on the floor in much the same fashion as when I sent Captian Oblivious' cake flying. I said, "This is why I don't cook at home! I always feel like I'm doing something wrong!" (Okay, small temper loss there on my part.) My mum replied, "Well, it's generally not proper to throw the butter on the floor." Touché.


  1. OH YES...QUIA IS VERY HAPPY.*smiles*..but MORE PICTURES would make me much more happy...;-)
    anyhey, those battlefield pictures are awesome...

  2. Oh and if there is one thing that Christendom students know how to do...it's have an awesome time! ;-)