Monday, May 23, 2005

Becoming a Nerd!

Help! Guys I'm becoming a nerd! I need to back up a bit. Let us go back, far back to another time and place. It is now Girl's Open House Spring Semester 2005. Ry has just walked in to my dormroom. I expect comment on Laura's Confederate flag pillow or my Teenage Mutan Ninja Turtle spread as others had noticed those things first. But I should have known with Ry. The first thing out of his mouth was "Wow! Laura's got a sweet external hard drive!" I teased him for awhile about being such a nerd, but then left it at that. It's a well known fact that's he's a nerd anyway. So we now need to come back to slightly earlier today. I grabbed a shirt out of the dryer, for I was going to my friend's house & clean clothes are always appreciated. It so happened that this shirt said things like LINUX, PERL, PYTHON, APACHE, TCL/TK, DNS & BIND, and SENDMAIL. Nerd shirt, I'm sure ya'll know which one I'm talking about. :) Anyway, so I get to my friend's house & he shows me and some other friends around. We walked in to one room & most of the peopled commented on the really nice freezer & began talking about ice cream. Guess what my first comment was about? Yup, his external hard drive. I kid you not! Too much time around Ry, I guess.

Oh and guys, what's up with this? Papa posts a funny pic of the family and everyone freaks out. I do the same, even scarier & no one cares. Hurmph!

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  1. Larious that is! Nerdiness is cool, can anyone deny it? lol. In any case, I'm proud of ya mom!

    Sorry about the pics--I started to comment but then something happened . . . maybe I couldn't say what I wanted, or figured something out for the blog design . . . iono, I forget. Soz (chatspeak for sorry.)