Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Time For Philosophy with Phantom: Contemplating slightly lower things

Peach is not alone in his philisophical mussings. Although I will be the first to say, mine are of a slightly more random variety. The other day I was mowing the lawn, when the age old thought struck me. Why? The obvious answer would be because my mom told me to. But that's not what I was wondering. Why cut the grass at all. Otherwise the neighbors would complain & our house would become the eyesore of the neighborhood. Yes, this is all true, but why? What is it about a mowed lawn that appeals to the human eye? Who first thought to cut grass around their house? We know from Chesterton that cavemen drew raindeer on their cave walls, but did they mow their lawn? Did they have a lawn? Is the esthetically pleasingness of cut grass a fundamental truth? Is it something that just is? Do people in the bush in Africa or the rice patties of Indochina want a strip of cut grass in front of their houses? Or is it just a Western thing? Is there something civilized in the symetry and order of a mowed lawn over the disorder of one left to its own druthers? Or is this another attempt of Western society to move from the natural to the artificial? Don't get me wrong, I like a nicely mowed lawn & don't have a problem with mowing it, I'm just curious.

In other news, my cousin Samuel (the one I had a picture of on my door) got baptized today, well yesterday, now. It was pretty neat. The Mystical Body of Christ has another member. I got to see a bunch of my family. I got into a fairly long conversation my aunt about the US being considered a missionary country, among other things. My aunt is, um, on the liberal side, to put it nicely. She's a lovely person & I enjoy talking with her, but it's sometimes hard to get used to hearing PC language. Anyway, she said she thought the US was a missionary country because we focus so much on doing instead of being. That struck me. As a culture (quick Fr. Mastreoni quiz, what's the root of the word culture?) we focus so much on what a person does not who the person is. This reminded me of something that was said on the get-Peach-to-a-chiropractor/Cracker-Barrel/battle-field trip. We were at the battle field & saw a small statue/ monument thing for some guy we'd never heard of. It must have been Peach (for some reason I think it was Ibid, but he wasn't there!) who said, "(Person's name), what'd he do to get a statue?" Captian Oblivious responded with, "He was a man, that's more than enough." That's stayed with me ever since. We focus so much on who did what great thing, & don't get me wrong, doing great things is, well, great. But as Bl. Mother Teresa put it, "To show great love for God & our neighbor we need not do great things. It is how much we put in the doing, that makes our offering something beautiful for God." When a person's worth is measured only by what they can do, it's no wonder people like Terri Schivo and countless babies lives' are endagered.

Sex and the Eucharist

That's right.

I was in the car listening to this CD my mom had in with Christopher West speaking on the relationship of the two, and I realized, among other things, that life is Mastroeni's class all over again, just that the written tests are replaced by the people we evangelize. We can listen to and take in everything our omnipotent God is sending us and telling us, or we can shut it out--we can study, or we can play games and fraternize. This isn't even my main point, but maybe it should be. Really think about it though. Maybe it'll give us all a little more reason to like class and a little more motivation to get things done.

On a different key, or those "other things," I also realized more the message that God gives us every day. This time it just happened to pertain to sex. The Eucharist, however, is the most important part of this realization. You see, marriage is meant as a joining of two into one flesh. As the Church, we are called to be one with Christ. Delved into our physical natures are the prefigures of how we are to be in relation to God. The woman is to open herself in the conjugal communion so that she may receive from the man and bear that gift to the world. We, as the Church of Christ, or His Bride, are to open ourselves in communion to Him, that we might receive Him, and bear Him to the world. Mary did this in the most perfect way showing us how to be real men and women. She was open to God and His will, and thus she truly received Christ and bore Him forth to the world. The more we receive Him, the more we become who we are meant to be. I have no doubt that, if it is our calling, when any one of us gets married, we will come to truly understand, for the first time the words at the consecration: Hoc est enim corpus meum quod pro vobis tradetur.

Friday, May 27, 2005

Book Meme

Okay, so I've been tagged. So this is all about me & my books.

Total Number of Books I've Owned -- Wow, a lot. A lot, a lot!! I really don't think I can count that high!

Last Book I Bought -- Hmm, I'm really not too sure. It was probably for school. Actually, I think it was my physics books and lab manual. Holy man, I'm a nerd!

Last Book I Read -- Does that mean finished? Gosh, I haven't finished a book all year. Haven't had time. But the last book I've read as in I'm reading would be Hamlet. The Christendom Players & Sheila have inspired me. Unfortunately I started reading while I was more tired than interested and ended up with more of A Mid Summer's Night Dream, than Hamet. Eh, clever! Okay, maybe that was just lame.

Five Books That Have Meant A Lot To Me --

1. Story of a Soul. St. Therese really knows where it's at. I first read this when I was a sophomore or junior in high school. After reading that I decided it would be wonderful to be a nun. I read it again this last summer & really began to see the beauty in death. Huh, would you look at that, nuns and dying people, I never noticed that before. If ya'll haven't read it, you need to! That's a mandate from the WP.

2. The Witch of Blackbird Pond. Great book. I first read it in seventh grade & the characters became friends. So when I'm having a bad day or just want visit old friends, it's a good world to step into.

3. Batty Bat. Now that's a classic! I mean, what's better than a book about a bat who looses her glasses, gets flower & flour, piece & peace, & a plethora of other things mixed up! Oh man, I've had that book since I was a small hobbit. Um, I mean young. :) This book kept me smiling all summer.

4. Consolation of Philosophy. Now by all rights, this probably shouldn't be in the list, because I never finished it. (That will change as soon as I get my packages from VA.) But there was a lot in there that really made a lot of sense. And quite a bit of it I needed to hear, especially when we were reading it.

5. All the books in the Anne of Green Gables series. I can't think of many books that I would more highly recomend for young girls (& young women!) Anne encourages people to use their imagination, love with their whole hearts, believe in the beauty of their dreams, hold only the highest ideals, & admit when they're wrong (well, eventually.)

Now I purposly excluded the Bible and the CCC, because I figured they'd be no-brainers.
Here's the part where I tag five people myself.
I. Captian Oblivious, of 8 O'Clock Chaplet, maybe he'll actually post something! (Love ya, Papa!) So, CO,consider yourself tagged.
II. Sheila,of Enchiridion & Fiddleback Fever, even though I know she's already been tagged, I don't think she's responded.
III. Kateri, of Country Girl.
IV. Little Thalia, of Fiddleback Fever & Quid Hoc Est?
V. Constancia,of ¿QuĂ©?

Update on the Summer

To Update a work should be left to the capable hands of an expert. And who is more capable than the author himself. Do here is the update of my summer.
I will be working as a go-fer at UMD in my dad's building. I will not be working under my dad, since he is my father, but I will be working for the honest pay of $7 an hour. So if I were to work every day for one week (5 days) for 5 hours (I should be working more, but whatever), I would make $175 a week. That should help this poor college student make it through.

Wednesday, May 25, 2005

My basic summer plans

Well, I felt left out and have decided to give the rough outline of my plans for the summer. So, with out further prepositional phrases, here I go:
My first and foremost goal, as with you , is to acquire some sort of income. I may be working part time at University of Maryland in my dad's building, moving people's offices or something like that. I also hope to get a job somewhere else, maybe at a farm market nearby.
Secondly, I hope to read and watch movies. To be more specific, I intend to read the entire Chronicles of Narnia, Lord of the Rings Trilogy, and all the books that I purchased at the Library, plus other ones that I have to check out from the public library.
Thirdly, I intend to perform a revolutionary task: I will take Charismatic songs and make then Christendom appropriate (aka, rewrite them in Latin and put them to Gregorian Chant.) This would have been much easier if "Our God is an Awesome God" didn't have verses. It is so hard to find a Latin word that is, in English, "Ritz." This may be the hardest thing I do this summer.
Fourth, I am working on the rough screenplay for the sad movie I am making, the one that several of you showed interest in. This is the one with the depressed guy who lost his girlfriend. The Non-operatic Phantom was originally going to be cast as the girl and other crazy things were going to happen. This is the one inspired by "My Immortal." It would be nice to make a movie that could be considered serious by everyone, not just me. I mean, it's not my fault it looks funny to strangle a guy with a necktie or to drag a body across a hallway.
There are other things that will happen during these next three months. I hope I can find out what they are soon.


So I guess I'm website hoping or something now. Just wanted to let you all know that I deleted the last picture web site with angelfire due to large amounts of annyonce. If you want to look at the pictures from this last semester & some from 1st semester go here and then to the photo album. And along with the pictures from before, I put up two rolls that I just got developed and some from last semester. So, ah, don't go to the old one, because it doesn't exist anymore.

Paul told me to burn this, so naturally my first thought is to post it on the internet.

Bath Time

Wow, so World War III has just happened in my house. Honestly, I haven't felt this beat up since in got into a fist fight with a football player when I was a "wise fool" the first time around. Or maybe when "my" horse & I had a dispute as to whether or not we were going over a jump. No, I think this tops them all. The tale begins quite harmlessly. Mum asked me to vacuum. No big deal, that was easily done. And the potatoes needed to be boiled and dishes washed. Not hard. So far it's a fairly normal day. Oh, and the cat needed to be washed. Bells rang in my head & I saw my life flash before my eyes. While I still living at home, Emery got a bath every week or two, & though she hated it & put up a fight every time, it got to be fairly routine. But since I've been gone, she's only had a couple of baths. I knew this wouldn't be easy. She still has all her claws & knows how to use them.
I knew if I even wanted to get her into the bathroom, I'd have to be stealthy. I got the bath water & towel ready & then waited a bit. After spending a bit on the computer, I called the cat. She looked over at me & squeaked. I talked to her cheerfully as I walked over to pick her up. She let me do so with ease. I thought maybe this would be easier than I had first thought. But as we got close to the bathroom I felt her claws sink into my shoulder & she began to wriggle. Maybe not.
With great effort I opened the bathroom door while still holding the now flailling feline. Once we got in the bathroom she began squeaking & screaming (this cat doesn't know how to meow) & clawing at anything she could, namely my arms. Once I got her in the tub, she seemed to be resigned to her fate & sat nicely. I breathed a sigh of relief & reached for the shampoo. At that moment she took a flying leap out of the tub. I saw her out of the corner of my eye & threw myself in her path. Water splashed everywhere as she slammed into my front & slid back into the tub. She's a tricksy cat, she is. After that, shampoo went well. As I was rinsing her, she made another jump, this one landed her on my head. I too tardily grabbed for her & caught her as she landed on my head, her front claws hooked on the back of my shirt, & her back legs dangled in front of my face. She began furiously trying to climb down my back, but I had finally gotten a good hold on her middle & she only succeeded in bunching up my shirt around my shoulders. I began yanking on her, trying to detach the disgruntled cat from my head. With her claws still firmly embedded in my flesh, I managed to slid her from my back, down my neck, until her claws caught on the back of my ears & she would go no further. We were in a stalemate. Pull as I might, I couldn't get her to move & struggle as she would, she made no progress. We both realized our predicament & stopped fighting. As I knelt there, I thought about my situation & how I must look. There I was kneeling over a bath tub with a soaking wet cat laying belly down on my head, her claws hooked to the back of my ears & her feet dangling in front of me. I was soaked, now, too, & my clothes were disheveled. I began to laugh. And laugh & laugh. My whole body shook with convulsions as I cracked up at the thought of my ridiculous situation. This turned out to be a pretty good thing, because it loosened Emery's hold & I was able to abstract the still irrate kitty from my head without too much more damage to my epidermis (& dermis!). The rest of the bath went fairly uneventful, though she gave me a look that could only be interperated one way. It was a look of, "I am going to kill you in your sleep." *Sigh* The love of a cat.

Why do cats hate water so much?

Tuesday, May 24, 2005


Question, does this person look like anyone we know and love?

I thought they looked similar.

I Get the Message!!

Hey guys!!
So there I was, in my bed, sound asleep last night (actually this morning @3:18:07am) when Jenne sends me a text message on my phone which is charging right beside my pillow. Do I wake up or even stir from my slumber? No. No way. But I woke up this morning, saw the message and thought: today's the day to blog. Plus, it's wet and rainy outside right now.
I'm still packed and I've succeeded in compleately messing up the order my younger sister, Cat, had put into the room when it was solely hers. Oh well, it will be slowly taken care of. For the past few days I've been on a Shakespeare kick, reading Hamlet and A Midsummer Night's Dream and watching the Mel Gibson version of Hamlet (I personally liked our version of Polonius better). I helped paint the deck, and I got my permit. I found out I need glasses to drive and yes, White Phantom, I have the option of wearing just my left contact instead. I went out driving once for an hour with my dad in an empty church parking lot. My poor dad took a few days to recoup and than took me out again today and let me drive on the road. He says I'm getting better and soon he probably won't be afraid to drive with me anymore.
Ed and his friend Bria dropped by on Saturday and we went to the Annapolis harbor and Naval Academy together. Afterwards, I got them all lost on the way to the mall because I forgot which street it is on. Anyway, we went home and I made them his oatmeal raison cookies, so it's all better.
I'm going back to work at Subway tomarrow, but man do I wish I was with my brother in the Bahamas right now! It would be glorious!
In family news, we just found out last night that my oldest sister is pregnant with her third child!! On a sadder note, my grandpa is back in the hospital and it seems as though being in and out of the hospital is getting to be a routine deal for him.
Sidney, I'll be praying for your friends!
I miss you all!!
Until next time... Ciao!!

Maybe job?

Well folks, I may be an employed Phantom pretty soon. That would be absolutely lovely. I first tried at my local Christian bookstore, but they sent me packing. So then I went off in persute of more different jobs. I was hoping to work in either the expresso bar or the bakery of my local grocery store, so I went there. The lady took one look at my application and saw I'd been a stable hand and said, "This girl knows how to work! Get her in the bakery." Then she asked me if this was just a summer job. I said yes and she said nevermind. Ugh. But then she went around the store asking different departments if there were any openings. Nothing is for sure yet, but it sounds like I may be working in floral or produce. But we will see. She told me to call back on Tuesday. Say a couple of prayers for me, aye?

In other news, Captian Oblivious talked to my cat the other day on the phone and unlike Quia's dog, she hasn't tried to die. However I am convinced that she has developed telekinetic powers. She has been shutting doors & making things fall without touching them. Now most people would say it's just the wind (& they're probably right!) but I prefer to blame it on CO, it's more fun that way.

In other other news, Quia has been badgering (badger, badger, badger...) me to put my pictures on the internet. So at midnight tonight I started that endevor. Note: not a good time to start things that require thought. I figured I'd use one of those press a couple-of-buttons-and-you-have-a-web-page deals because I was too lazy to write code. I mean, I just wanted a spot for my pictures. Bad idea. I have one word for those things: annoying. Really, really annoying. But the end of it, I was ready to throw Simon (my computer) out the window. It didn't help that he was being really slow. But I saw the stupid thing through and here it is Oh, and Quia's got me dropping stuff. I was impressing my mum today with my mad cooking skills when I dropped a stick of butter on the floor in much the same fashion as when I sent Captian Oblivious' cake flying. I said, "This is why I don't cook at home! I always feel like I'm doing something wrong!" (Okay, small temper loss there on my part.) My mum replied, "Well, it's generally not proper to throw the butter on the floor." Touché.

Monday, May 23, 2005

Becoming a Nerd!

Help! Guys I'm becoming a nerd! I need to back up a bit. Let us go back, far back to another time and place. It is now Girl's Open House Spring Semester 2005. Ry has just walked in to my dormroom. I expect comment on Laura's Confederate flag pillow or my Teenage Mutan Ninja Turtle spread as others had noticed those things first. But I should have known with Ry. The first thing out of his mouth was "Wow! Laura's got a sweet external hard drive!" I teased him for awhile about being such a nerd, but then left it at that. It's a well known fact that's he's a nerd anyway. So we now need to come back to slightly earlier today. I grabbed a shirt out of the dryer, for I was going to my friend's house & clean clothes are always appreciated. It so happened that this shirt said things like LINUX, PERL, PYTHON, APACHE, TCL/TK, DNS & BIND, and SENDMAIL. Nerd shirt, I'm sure ya'll know which one I'm talking about. :) Anyway, so I get to my friend's house & he shows me and some other friends around. We walked in to one room & most of the peopled commented on the really nice freezer & began talking about ice cream. Guess what my first comment was about? Yup, his external hard drive. I kid you not! Too much time around Ry, I guess.

Oh and guys, what's up with this? Papa posts a funny pic of the family and everyone freaks out. I do the same, even scarier & no one cares. Hurmph!

Sunday, May 22, 2005

Oh Sith!

I did it. I finally saw "Revenge of the Sith." It did not disappoint in the least. Ok, so there was the cheezy love scene with the two lovers, but it did do an amazing job at explaining many of the things that happened on the on the way to that third episode, namely episodes 1 and 2. I felt there were, it seems, many different parts of it that you guys might get excited over, such as the happy couple referring to the unborn children as a "baby", not as something less human.
Well, you guys should see it. It is really good. GO! NOW!

Time for Philosophy with Peachy

It so happens that often I pass the time with much thinking. Or I start to think about something, while doing soemthing else. I call it contemplating the highest forms while driving the car, painting, or taking garbage to the dumb. I get very pensive, and begin to muse upon being. And then it leads into concepts, and judgements, and reasoning. All very good and all. Now what brought this on.

You see, I was driving in the neighborhood my Ford minivan completely filled with trash to the city dump. I was wearing a stained white tee chirt, and some dirty paint paints, since I had been engaged in lots of cleaning in the barn. Well, there was this house I was driving by, when suddenly I leaned back more comfortably in the seat, sat upright, and decided that steering with one arm was cooler than with two. This house happened to be the residence of a girl I know. She's a very pretty Jewish girl I had known since kindergarten. That's beside the point, the important thing is that I knew a girl I knew lived there. Now, of course I looked all get out and hip, a dirty stinky trashball driving a minivan filled with junk, that would be a great impression right? Yeah ... right. Anyway the fascinating thing was that my reaction was completely automatic. Guys seem to have something built in them to go at length to impress girls. Even if there not physically present, or even watching. The possibility of them being there or watching is the key.

I think there is something in the way God designed us guys that we delight in impressing girls. however, there is one problem. The little problem of Original Sin has messed the hardwiring up. The form of properly impressing girls has been lost, and man must learn by trial and error. Sometimes this leads to death. Consider the chap who thought to impress the ladies by doing a deep dive in a shallow pool. He is quite dead. Consider the poor fool who impulsively Irish danced for ladies on picnic tables. He is mostly dead: social suicide. Ah, I could list more silly examples of social death, yes! Remember those stupid freshmen who sang the "Lumberjack song" with all those graduating seniors, who were either leaving or safely engaged! Yes, those fools socially are quite dead . I believe half the campus hated them for it. Half the campus is not a good figure. But they weren't impressing ladies (obviously and foolishly, and they've learned better so my sources tell me), so I'm veering off topic.

But out of death there is resurrection! For those physically dead, at the last judgement! For those socially dead, there is the summer! God in his infinte mercy created seasons, and inspired schoolmasters to plan accordingly.

Later, I sat by the lake and thought this whole question over. Among guys there is a spirit of competition, and showing off. Consider ladies, have you ever had guys fight each other in front of you (in a friendly sort of way: e.g. a duel), or do crazy things? I think it's one of those funny guy things of showing off. I know it applies to me. I've done it plenty of times. I think if there were no girls about, I would have done less crazy things. But I did them anyway: like jumping into the Shenandoah on a cold and windy day. there were other crazy things, but maybe it's a good thing I can't remember a whole lot of them right now.

The fact is, freshman year was a good year to test the extremes and find a balance. Sometimes the realm of joking went too far. Now I know better. Sometimes doing bold things ended up doing something rude and offensive. But the lessons learned help me sort out some good boundaries. I think women have it easier in this regard, since quite a bit of learning is helped by your example.

Well, anyway, here's to being the wise fool, a sophomore. I'm aiming to be clean cut, and clean shaven consistantly next year. Perhaps it's maintaining good outward appearances that betray habits of interior discipline. I'll work on that. Well, another successfully long winded post. Sleep beckons to me.

The sea is a mistress whose love no woman can challenge and win.

Saturday, May 21, 2005

Some new things

Just letting you guys know that I added a new feature. Instead of going to a different page when you click on comments, they magically appear! Then just click again, and, voila, they're gone again!

Also, I have created an email account for this blog and for us to use as a group for any purpose whatsoever. I don't know why we might need or want it, but it's there and it was free. *shrugs* Email me if you would lik the information for it.

So it goes

I have been wasting my time. Utterly and completely. I have basically been on the computer most of my waking hours, with today as the exception because I've been choring. I cannot stand to waste my time, and I hate not having money, yet I cannot get myself off of this computer. I mean, I have three computers, three monitors and three sound systems hooked up in here. I even have the internet! Ack! The fridge has Mountain Lightning in it, there are snack (junk) foods left over from my snack shop. I am wasting away!

Okay, enough of that. I'm kidding, it's only been 3 days. Although I do feel like I've been sort of wasting away, but I guess I had to have my fun before starting work with my dad on Monday. Of course, here I sit now spending my time blogging on the net listeningto music when I promised myself I would unpack and clean/rearrange my room. I suppose I'd better get off now. Yep, I'll do that. . . Now. Okay. Pax!

Mmmm, cheese and crackers . . .

The Seans are Everywhere!

So along with Peachy & Quia, the White Phantom is also unemployed & searching for a job. My mum wants me to get a job that I can walk to, because we share a car. So the places in my area that are hiring.....Arby's. Yup, it's possible that the WP will forever more smell of french frie grease after this summer. When I told one of my SD friends this, she exclaimed, "Oh! You can work with Sean!" Sean is one of her brothers friends, but I wouldn't call him one of mine. Then I went to a CCD teacher appreciation dinner where the main topic of conversation was the old diocesan youth minister, named none other than *dum dum dum daaa* Sean. Seans are everywhere!

On a slightly similar note, Mum & I were washing dishes & I had a slight flashback to all the times I washed dishes while babysitting throughout the year. “However,” I told my mum, “There would need to be more yelling & running around.” “Like what?” she asked. “It would go something like this. Liam! It’s your turn to wash the counters & table, get down here! Dec, don’t hit your sister. Yes, Joanie I saw that. It’s okay. Clement, what are you doing?” “Playing on the computer.” “Well you need to sweep.” “Okay.” “Has anyone seen Tobias? Dec, leave your sister alone! Seamus? Seamus! SEA--” “I’m right here.” (Usually from right behind me.) “Oh, sorry, um, can you take Dec upstairs. And go find Tob! Clement, why are you still at the computer? Joan, hold on, I’ll play with you as soon as I finish the dishes.”
*sigh* I miss those kids.

Chicken Wings ... hot, hot, hot!

I have two favorite meals that have never failed to please me (when done right): hamburgers, and chicken wings. Now, the chicken wings I speak of are really Buffalo wings: little wings glazed in a spicy hot sauce. Buffalo is about an hour and a half from where I live, and it holds an honored place in my heart for chicken wings. I have boasted my abilities to withstand the fires of almost any hot sauce. However, one of y'alls (Quia), and maybe more (Captain Oblivious, Ry?) have been so bold as to challenge my rightful claim as King of Hotness (as far as Chicken wings go, I mean!). Now, if any wish to stand by their boast, I shall arrange a contest for August.

I shall purchase several dozen of the spiciest chicken wings known to New York: Country Sweet super hot wings with their special sauce: think Jalisco's Super Hot Sauce! All contestants shall begin eating Chicken wings at the same time. Each person shall be disqualified by a sip from his glass of pop (tr. soda, tr. coke, tr. pepsi, tr. whatever cola). The winner shall be duly hailed King (or Queen) of Hotness (of chicken wings of course!). I am looking forward to the challenge, and to keep my rights to the throne!

On a sadder note.....................................................................

The clouds are so bright and blue here. I would almost say that they look different from the clouds in Virginia. There's a bridge on Rt. 15 crossing from Pennsylvania to New York. Once you're over that bridge, you're back home. It feels like home. When you've crossed it you know that the land is New York. And I don't mean I know it by looking at the Welcome to New York sign. It's just a feeling you get in your bones. You look at the soil, you see the trees, feel the wind, smell the air, and everything tells you this is New York. It's something as old as the Dutch settlers that settled it, and even as old as the Iroquois nations that roamed the territory long ago. you see these old farmhouses, and it wouldn't seem out of place, if a farmer came out of the woods with a musket slung over his shoulder, and some coonskin hides slung over his shoulder.

The epic job search continues. There's a waterpark that is looking for 200 new employees. It's not the greatest job in the world, but it sounds darn good to me. So I'll apply. Some job is better than no job. John C. is still looking for a job, I hear. Maybe after college, I'll move to Ireland, work there for a few years, and come back to the States with a fistful of euros, and as an accomplished Irish musician!

So, I'm back to looking at my gorgeous lake. I feel like Stephen in Braveheart. It's my island, only it's my lake. I'd love to post a picture, but I don't know how, and my service provider blocks the site that gives me directions on how to do it.

Old website stuff...

So I'm digging through some stuff on my websites I made in Germany, and I ran across some really funny things, most of which being pictures. I think you guys might have a laugh at some of these:
This used to be my avatar for a forum until people got absolutely annoyed with it:

See if you can decifer this one; I translated it and created the image myself . . . heheh.

And here is me way back when the day before I cut my hair:

You may freak out now :)

P.S. - I just recently found this lil'brudder avatar that is classic:

Friday, May 20, 2005

Time for Ranting and Roving

Ah, life is swell. Isn't it grand! I'm having a good day. Why? It is nearly 9 o'clock. 'Tis the very witching hour, when poor college students (like me) go out, and scour the town for jobs and dirt pay like starving dogs. I need to pull 60hrs/week at least 'til I leave in order to make returning to school a reality. I'm feeling a bit sardonic, but the reality is a little hard to absorb.

Working makes you really appreciate college. I don't see working the night-shift at Tim Horton's as my life's vocation. I must get a college education, and preferably get something so good, that they pay me to go there, or at least I can get a good enough job to pay for whatever education I'll need next. I'm afraid I must be downright frugle next semester. I'll see if I can hire myself out as a handyman to the professors. All my afternoons are free next year. But I need hard work, and I also need cash, and if the two came together I'd be most hospitable.

Memorial day is almost here. I really miss you guys. I can't say that it doesn't feel strange not to see y'all everyday. Anyway, Memorial day is almost here. That means swimming and sailing 'round here. It is very pretty around here, and I'll take some pictures for y'all if you like. It's funny, but I never really realized how pretty a spot my hometown is. I guess that's why they call it "the chosen spot".

By the way, I have falsified my profile. For those still unaware, I do not, nor have i ever, lived in Ireland. Don't let the accent mislead you, maybe it'll be gone naturally by the time we return, but I'm not Irish! However, all y'alls know that, so I guess I just wasted some typing time.

Well, I'll think of something creative to post in the evening. Missing y'alls.
-da Peachmeister

Thursday, May 19, 2005

That is larious!

First off, let me clarify. Ronan (the little five year old kid that is my brother) doesn't say hilarious; rather, he says larious. Hence, I shall use it from time to time. Secondly, that picture is funny. In a creepy sort of way. *shivers*

Rant and Roar

Time to rant and roar. I finally finished reading Our Lady of Guadalupe and the Conquest of Darkness and was on a Pro-Spain rush. I looked over my brother's American History book. In the part about the Spanish conquest, they said that Cortes, and the other men, was led by greed for gold and power. They completly skipped the part about the men wanting to convert the Indians. The other thing getting to me is Kingom of Heaven. I have not read good things about the way they treat the Catholics in the movie versus the way they treat the Muslims. Oh well. Until I write again, I would like to say to hello to everyone. I miss you guys, and can't wait to see you again.


I just thought I'd let everyone know that there are profiles for each person . . . not that it's a big deal or anything, but it's got places to put random stuff, and there are things that you can put down that none of us know about you (although I don't think that would be the case . . .) Anywho. Aside from this little info-post, I'm here at 5:10 am still catching up on the 8 episodes of 24 that I missed. That's 6 hours of unadulterated viewing, of which I have only finished four episodes. Looks like I shan't be sleeping tonight! No different from school I suppose. Back to the futon (which I just put in my room) and the wireless keyboard and mouse to control my one of three, yes 3, computers sitting on my desk in my room right now. Oh yes, that's right, I am in my room right now because with the hudreds of feet of network cable I inherited from Will Davulis, I installed a network line from our router to my room. I guess all I have to do is put a toilet, sink, and shower in my closet and stock up my fridge, and I would not have to leave my room for quite some time! Ahh, being a college student makes you take advantage of all of these niceties. Laziness is not a good thing. Do not try this at home kids! Pax Christi!

When Life Hands You Lemons, Eat Them!

Dakota log: 3:19 am. Why am I awake? The reason is two-fold. 1) I am a college student & have no common sense when it comes to bed times. 2) I just finished watching the midnight showing of Star Wars Episode III. Why was I doing that, you may ask. I have no real loyalty to the Star Wars movies. The answer can be found a long, long time ago, in a galaxy far away. . .
Actually, Kali wanted to go, so I said sure. It was good for me to go, I think. For I see the rebellionthat was in Annakin in myself. My mum is forever telling me to take out my contacts before bed. Unfortunately I haven't listened to date. And now, after a trip to the eye doctor, it appears as thought this has caused my eyes to swell (jealous of my brain) thus making my already poor vision worse. The good news: it's reversable if I start taking the stupid things out. Also, my Laura is always telling me to not eat lemons straight up, because the acid will make my teeth fall out. No, my teeth have not escaped from my mouth, but I have come up with another reason to avoid eating mass quantities of lemons: stomach ache. Now I have no desire to become a sith lord, so I think I shall take my contacts out, avoid leomons outside of lemonaide, and maybe even go to bed!

Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Traveling Woes

Well folks, I finally did make it home, but with much wisdom & a very empty stomach. Note: Always take money with you when traveling. Especially if you're going to be in an airport/in the air for 19 hours!! I had some M&Ms & a Cherry Coke that Ry gave me at 1am Monday morning & didn't eat again (other than some plane pretzels & a Ginger Ale) until 9pm Monday night. Oh...hungry. I had 36 cents with me. That buys you nothing in an airport. Well, anywhere for that matter. But I'm not complaining. It was a day of fast & that was good for me. Plus, I slept a fair amount of that time. Airport chapels are good places to sleep. And when I got home, along with a bunch of my SD friends, 2 chicken cordon blue pizzas were waiting for me. Yummy, yummy!

Kali came up today & we're going to the last of the new Star Wars movies tomorrow, well today. Unfortunatly, I've only seen Episode IV. We quickly took care of that. So much Star Wars!!!!! Ready for sleep am I. One word for Yoda: syntax. Honestly, listening to him is like reading a literally translated Latin sentence. But the Star Wars Gangsta Rap and that song by Weird Al make so much more sense now. Also Tokyo's "Sith Happens." But I need sleep. I still haven't recovered from finals and graduation weekend. God bless.

Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Summer: Alas or at last?

I myself don't quite know the answer to that question. I pose it simply to have a meaningful title to my post and to make you guys think about the glorious year we've had together.

I just wanted to get things rolling on the blogger, otherwise I might never get going on it. So . . . I got in at about 3 in the morning--today-- and went to bed and did not awake until about 5:30 this evening, and that was only because my dad called to me to wake me up so that I wouldn't be up excruciatingly late tonight too. I just got all of my stuff out of the car and am getting ready to reorganize and rearrange my room according to the 3 computers I will have in there for the summer (I'll worry about the clothes later.) So now I'm off to get to rearranging and some unpacking. Catch you guys later!

The joys of summer...

Peachy hath returned to his lands in Upstate New York. His noble manor hath not been sold off by his parentage, and he hath drunk full measure of the joys of reunion amongst his old gallant comrades! However, he hath been filled with much wroth, since the wicked bishop of Rochester made much desecration of the Cathedral, and put the Most Blessed Sacrament, Jesus Christ Himself, in an obscure corner! Anathema sit for such sacrileige, and may he repent of such wicked deeds, before the Master calls!

Besides opening a post with medieval style, I'm doing well. Or not well as the case may be. But at any rate, it's very good to be alive since God made it so! So where shall I begin...
I was sitting at my computer, doing the daily routine of checking for e-mails that no one ever writes, and I was thinking to myself that today would just be another day for the ritual deleting of spam e-mail. Then zut alors! (what the heck! or oh, by gosh by golly!), I see this invitation to a blog, and Jenne's email! My heart felt light as a feather, my spirit soared! This is a good way to end a bad evening! (Confirmation at the renovated Cathedrale (sp? It's spelled that way in French. Do we keep the last "e"?) Finally, I can contact my good friends! And, so I set up my account, and began to write: Peachy hath returned to his lands in Upstate New York. His noble manor hath not... hmm... yes. Moving on.

The difficult thing to date has been finding work. I got offered a job at Tim Horton's. 10-6. Not bad, eh? It's full time, and the graveyard shift sounds just... peachy. Yep. Well, it pays, and I don't have much choice. Aucun choix. I also am lifeguarding, so I'm going to have to figure out how that fits in with my schedule. Hopefully, I'll be pulling totally 60 hrs per week at something better than $7/hr. I'm looking forward to it. And as an honest and sincere fellow, I mean this truly.

I miss life at Christendom, but left it none too soon. If I forgot to say goodbye to anyone, I profusely apologize. I left Christendom after opening my mouth, and left it before I spoke any more. I thank God for placing summer in the design of the Universe. That way the absolution of men may perhaps be gained over time. God forgives quicker than man does. It's a very funny thing.

Have you ever read Calvin & Hobbes comics? I love Calvin and Hobbes. I think it is the most hilarious comic strip ever created. Anyway, in one of the comics there is a machine called the transmogrifier. It changes one thing into another. I think Calvin got transmogrified into a worm.

Well, to make this pertinent I discovered a hidden transmogrifier in the telephone! So, on account of this. I advise all fellows when they return to their dorms to debug their telephones in the Fall. How do I know this? Well, it happened that an intimate friend of mine related to me one of his personal distasters. (With him, they happen to be quite common). Apparently, he was talking with a young lady with whom he was acquainted, and harmlessly said (according to him he thought he was giving an innocent compliment) that she was "a very cool person". Much to his horror, he later found out that this turn of phrase was transmogrified into an expression of undying love and affection! I was shocked that this happened to him, and I decided to see if it were really he or technology repsonsible for the disasterous communique. I plied open the telepone and Lo, and behold! A transmogrifier was planted in the cursed machine! A bitter fate for my friend. Resigned to the damage done, and quite confident it was not a case of the OAOR syndrome, but the fault of technology alone, he thought the summer might cure any misunderstandings.

The poor chap has since turned to writing, but every now and then gets this dreamy (that is dreamlike, spacey, not quite here) look, and wonders whether men and women speak two different dialects of English. I tell him to stick to transmogrifiers and write a better story. He cannot write a whit but he tries. He's trying to write a love story, about a girl named Evelyn, and a fellow named Ryan. I think he's going to end up as a priest, since he's as dramatic as Karol Wojtyla.

Well, here's to the new blog. I'd toast with champagne, but I took the pledge and I can't afford champagne anyway! So I raise my glass of mountain dew to the blog!

The Spinning Reel

Here's to the dances and the reels,
A glass raised to life's spinning wheel,
The dancer weaves a pattern there,
Holds in his arms a girl so fair
See how about the floor they whirl,
Her dress it swishes as she twirls,
Ah there, once more she's in his arms,
See her gaze upward at his face,
A look of tenderness and grace!
What look he gives I cannot see,
Beaming his eyes must surely be.
Ah, were I only on that floor,
what poetry might I write and more!
So here's a glass to love and sweethearts!
Drink well!
- The poet staggering drunk with life's joys.

Of Paranormal Paranoia and other Really Freaky Things

Hello everyone . . . my word but you have been busy. And to think that it was only two days ago when we were saying goodbye to each other. Wow.

Okay, now that skitzophrania has left the building and all things bright and beautiful are once again blooming and blossoming in the concrete jungle of life it is that time of year again. What time of year you ask? It's spirit time! That's right ladies and gents, it's summer, the time when all of those nasty little goblins, hobgoblins, wrights, fairies, pixies, nymphys, dryads, nyaids, fauns, leprechans, gremlins and imps all get together and realize that . . . They haven't done nearly enough to all of those poor mortals out there during the winter months. So they hold a lottery with branded acorns and drink clear wine out of cardinal skulls and when their hangover wears off they go and pester the poor mortal whose symbol is branded on the solitary acorn that didn't get squashed when the trolls finally collapsed in a druken stupor. Hence, my story.

One of the many advantages to living only forty-five minutes from college is that you can pack all of your stuff into a car. This means that you don't have to live through the hassel of finding a place to store all of the junk that you just cannot take home. However, this also means that you will most likely fall victim to the demon of apathy and leave your stuff in "storage" until you have the energy to remove it "later" . . . But the demon of apathy sometimes teams up with the gremlin of mechanical failure. Thanks to just that pairing most of my stuff is now on hiatus in an auto-repair shop where I have no doubt the two are probably conspiring with the imp of glorious lightfingerdness and I will never see any of my junk ever again. (But then again maybe they will talk to the leprechan of kindly wit and poor judgement and the mechanics will call me desperate to buy Logic 102 notes and will offer to pay for them all and I shall profit forty, fifty or a hundred fold . . . Hey, I can dream can't I?)

No, actually, the guys at the auto shop are great guys, and the car is coming back today, so unless Murphey decides to stick his shillelagh into the pot I shall see all of my junk again.
Glad to see that you guys all made it home safe and sound. Have a great summer!