Saturday, December 31, 2005

Christmas vacation odyssey, phase 1: Getting there.

It is convenient that my uncle lives in Huntsville Alabama, almost halfway between Manassas Park VA. and San Marcos TX. The Stines loaded into the van at about 0600 hours the Thursday before Christmas. After many hours of sitting still in a moving vehicle with the exception of one stop for gas (as per years of training), they arrived at the first destination at about 1900 hours.
My aunt and uncle took us in for the night. It was a nice stay. My uncle is a general in the Army (he's in charge the developement of certain weapons like the MLRS) so there was plenty of room for eight people to sleep in their home. At about 0400 hours on Friday we departed. After just two or three spots for food and gas, we arrived at our final destination, my Grandparent's house at about 2100 hours.
Those drives were a blast. I didn't tell ya yet but I was blind the entire time. I had to drop my glasses of at the optometrist to have the perscription updated and I couldn't see more than a foot in front of my face the entire time. We drove through such cities as Houston and Baton Rouge, but I would not have know if I had not been told. I did notice that a lot of trees had been knocked downm between Louisiana and Texas. I wonder if these were from the hurricanes.
So that was first part of the trip. A lot of fun. Sitting in a car for hours on end. After doing it for years you learn to enjoy it.

God Bless.

I'm Back.

I'll bet ya'll didn't even know that I was gone. I've been visiting relatives in Texas. Such a lovely state, its warm all year round down there. I scanned your posts and I reallize I'm goin to have some catchin up to do. Oh well. I'll tell ya'll about my trip later.

PS. Merry Christmas and Happy New Years

That's A Wrap!

Well folks, the nice people over at Quid Hoc Est? have been kind enough to furnish me with a survey. Hehehe, I have too much fun with these things. It actually first can from this kid. Now Dr. Stanford can't yell at me for plagurism. So here goes, my year.

1. What did you do in 2005 that you’d never done before? Spent $12 dollars on two chocolate bars. (Hey, when you’ve been in the Middle East for two weeks – with no chocolate – and on an airplane for 5 hours and soon to be on another one for 6 and an English lady is yelling at you about pounds, sometimes you do crazy things.)

2. Did you keep your New Year’s resolutions, and will you make more for next year? I don’t know if I made New Year’s resolutions last year. I figure when I find something that needs changing, I work on it then, not in January.

3. Did anyone close to you give birth? Well, I know people who gave birth, but I wouldn’t say I’m close to them. But I have some friends who are expecting! So excited! Twins!

4. Did anyone close to you die? Kind of, there was that guy I went to school with who died in Mexico. And someone very close to someone very close to me died.

5. What countries did you visit? Oh here we go! London, (Wait, that’s not a country!) I mean England, Israel, Palestine, the Vatican, (in Jerusalem, how cool is that?!) and New York State. (That is a country! Peach, take it however you’d like.)

6. What would you like to have in 2006 that you lacked in 2005? Enough credit hours to be a sophomore.

7. What date from 2005 will remain etched upon your memory? January 21

8. What was your biggest achievement of the year? I don’t know if I actually achieved anything. . . .

9. What was your biggest failure? My attitude towards my mom.

10. Did you suffer illness or injury? No.

11. What was the best thing you bought? Gunter (Well, my mom bought him. Does that count? Probably not.) Okay, the best thing I bought was 39 cent burritos from Martins. (39 cents! Can life get any better?!)

12. Whose behavior made you appalled and depressed? I’m going to have to agree with Jason, Fidelio, and Sir Joseph: Mine.

13. Where did most of your money go? My money went mostly towards food and such. Money that I’ll some day have to give to the bank went to that lovely place called Christendom College and the Mayo Clinic.

14. What did you get really, really, really, excited about? Wow, there’s a few things. Going to the Holy Land, going to Carducci’s for the 4th, and, well, I’m a hopeless romantic, an event that recently happened that involved driving to Maryland to return mittens. (I wasn’t the one who did the driving. But I like to think I helped. :P)

15. What song/album will always remind you of 2005? The Reason and Good Riddance

16. Compare to this time last year, are you:
a. happier or sadder? Sadder but wiser. . . actually, I take that back. I was happier last year, but I think I’m more joyful this year, if that makes any sense.
b. thinner or fatter? Unfortunately, about the same. Maybe a bit thinner.
c. Richer or poorer? POOR!!!! The WP needs to take a class in money management. (a.k.a. don’t loan monies to your friends! J/K guys.)

17. What do you wish you’d done more of? Been truly quiet.

18. What do you wish you’d done less of? Not cared.

19. How did you spend Christmas? I watched movies with my cat and slept.

20. Did you fall in love in 2005? Yes

21. What was your favorite TV program? I used to really like the Gilmore Girls, the first few seasons were cute. Nothing deep, nothing controversial, just cute. Then it got dumb. I haven’t seen the West Wing in a long time, but I used to like that a lot. I’d have to say, though, my favorite would have to be. . . HOUSE!!!

22. Do you hate anyone now that you didn’t hate this time last year? Okay, I want to make this clear, I may have gotten mad/irritated at people this year, but I don’t hate anyone.

23. What was the best book you read? I’m not sure, I’ve started so many that I haven’t finished. Probably the most inspiring was Out of Many Hearts. (About the Dominican Sisters of Hawthorne.)

24. What was your greatest musical discovery? Hehehe, Good Charlotte and Green Day. How is it that I go to a trad Catholic college and I discover crazy punk bands?

25. What did you want and get? A green sweater.

26. What did you want and not get? A vocation.

27. What was your favourite film of this year? I’m really bad at picking favorites. All I will say is that you spell favourite like a Brit!!!

28. What did you do on your birthday, and how old were you? First I tried to figure out why everyone was running away from me. Then I went to Beth’s surprise birthday party and yelled at Hich for wanting me to play racquetball with him and then went to the gym and tried to figure out why everyone was jumping out at me yelling “SURPRISE!!!” (Seriously guys, I thought I’d accidentally crashed someone else’s party.) Then I had a totally kick posterior party!! Really awesome. Actually, that was the Friday before my birthday. On my birthday, I was late for my own birthday singing (they were early, that’s my story and I’m sticking to it.) I went to my first Trid Mass and ate the best Chinese food I’ve ever had. (Way to be T.J.) And then got some awesome birthday singing that I was almost late for again. (This time my fault.) Oh, and 19.

29. What one thing would have made your year immeasurably more satisfying? All I will say to that is doctors are not always intelligent beings.

30. How would you describe your personal fashion concepts in 2005? A combination of the closets of Jericho, Quia, Carducci, PBJ Girl, Laura-friend, and Maybef. Acutally, I think CO and Champ contributed, too. I do have my own clothes. I promise.

31. What kept you sane? Mr. Strickland

32. Which celebrity/public figure did you like the most? Okay, did you guys know that Jim Caviezel is MARRIED?! Oh that makes me so sad – I mean happy for him. Yea, that’s it.

33. What political issue stirred you the most? Definitely the Terri Schivo case.

34. Who did you miss? Friends, family, pets, home, school, convent. I don’t think I like having two lives in two different parts of the country. I guess I had three for a little while.

35. Who was the best new person you met? I can think of three. Swinger, Champ, and Faz.

36. Quote a song lyrice that sums up your year? “If you need to fall apart/ I can mend a broken heart/ If you need to crash then crash and burn/ You're not alone”

Thursday, December 29, 2005

They Are Just A Bunch Of Big Pansies! Let's Go Meet The Pansies! or Know Thyself

Well, the word 'pansy' has been thrown around a lot lately. People have been calling other people pansies and they in turn have been called pansies themselves. People have been very critical of others, but have not mentioned it to the person, but to others. I've always said, if someone has a problem with me, I really, really want them to say it to my face and not behind my back. I'd say this is a fairly common opinion. Than, if so many people want it done unto them, why don't they themselves do it unto others?

Because it's hard!!!!!!!

It's so easy to criticize someone for not telling someone else that they have a problem with them. But when it's you that has to do the telling, that's another story. I don't know if this has made any sense. I have recently realized that I'm not nearly as assertive as I like to think of myself. I can be. In really big matters and completely trivial ones, I will stand my ground and get in your face like a US Marine. But for everything else, I'd just rather not deal with it. I'd rather run away from it, put it under the couch (who puts things under rugs, I mean really? A couch is much more concealing), or just flat out ignore it. Not this time. It has slapped me in the face like a cold, wet, slightly decaying fish. I've ignored the problem for so long, that it is either take action now or lose two old and very dear friends. It's time to suck it up, deal with the problem, and say "I was a jerk."

No more pansy. I am a big strong oak tree. I am a big strong oak tree. I am a big stro- maybe a willow.

Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Hmm. . . . Guys Are Weird, Too

I need to stop reading Smitha's blog. More precisely, I need to stop going to links on Smitha's blog. Today I found this. It's really quite interesting. And I thought us girls went nuts in the dorms. But I don't think they broke any windows. :) And only at Christendom would guys wrestle in suits. :P

My complaints and comments

Time to do some ranting. Christmas was great and everything. The dinner was superb and everything was great. I have a new bike, along with bunches of movies, some books, and other fun stuff. While all this went along well, there was one thing that dampered the weekend. That was Christmas Eve Mass.
If you remember some previous comments made by myself (I'm not sure if they were on the blog or through other ways, such as normal conversations or emails, but they were made) concerning plans made to perform a living nativity scene during the middle of Mass instead of a homily. Well, it happened. I don't want to ramble about it now, since its late and I want to go to bed. So I will give the basic problems.
Besides the obvious thing of little kids sitting in front of the altar, with costumes and such, the priest (the new pastor, of whom the parish does not lean towards) encouraged the congregation to congratulate the performers with applause. I hate clapping during Church. At the end of Mass the priest said something about the children being the future of the Church, and that the example of that night showed the Church was "in good hands." I tried really hard to not shake my head, since my family was in the front row, since my little brother was a lector. So it was interesting. But at least it was legit, even though it was illicit.

But everything else is good. Dinner at Grandparents' is always a near occasion of gluttony, and I fell for it again this year. Maybe it won't be so bad at New Years.

I've decided to read the Chronicles of Narnia in the order of their publication. Thus I've read Lion, Witch, & the Wardrobe AND Prince Caspian, which I got for Christmas. Now I'm on the prowl to buy the others. I hope to have the entire series
and The Cleaving of Christendom by the time I get back to school, along with the note typing for fun and hopefully work on reading one of the books I bought this year. I'm also gonna make a list of the books to find out, at school, how much all the books I bought are worth together.

Fun break ahead.


Saturday, December 24, 2005



Felt like getting it out of the way now.

Check this out

This is just crazy awesome. A must see/do!

Friday, December 23, 2005

Fine, Here I AM

Due to popular demand (a person asked for it), here is my belated "I'm freaking home" post.

I've been home for almost a week now, after riding in a car for about four hours trying get to Maryland and home. (stupid traffic) Everything is going fine. I picked out the tree (which we decorated tonight). It will please you to know that I am reading my Carroll again. I'm on like ch 5 in the Cleaving, and can't wait for Vol. 5 to come out! :) Sorry, I'm obsessed. Speaking of obsessed, I've been working on Vol. 1 of my history notes. I've gotten a few days of notes but am ashamed of my note taking in O'Donnell's class. But I'm trying my hardest, keeping my NAB Bible (I hold it is a valid Bible, no matter what you say) by my side.
So I'm here, I'm alive, I've been commenting on posts before, and the hair is returning, darker than ever before. I'm so happy.

Only three more weeks 'til school starts again, or something like that.


Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Give. Live. Love.

This has been bothering me since Thanksgiving day, when a member of Maybef's family handed me a Coke. Give what? Live how? Love who? I assume they were trying to be Christmasy, because it was accompanied by one of Jericho's relatives. But to quote the CO, "That had holes big enough to drive a semi through!" You could read whatever you darn well want into that. Talk about PC. *shakes head in disgust* Why does this bother me so much? I don't know. Maybe because it doesn't seem like a Coke can should provoke confusion. Come on, it's a Coke can. It's a can with Coke in it! Not that big of a deal. I guess I'm just not as deep as the Coke people. *hands in the air*

Other than being really confused by chunks of aluminum, break has been going well. The plane ride was uneventful, although it was really weird, I didn't see anyone I knew from home in MN. That's never happened before. I guess I've been out East too long. That and I've forgotten what cold is. It was around zero when I got home (not counting wind chill, then it's in the negatives. Negative temperature is not a good thing.) The weather as of late (like today) has been good to me and it's in the teens. (Hurray for "warm" weather!) Actually, if you sucked all the moisture out of the air and put more snow on the ground, it's about like good ol' FR.

The game of Mao is being passed on. The other night I taught Meche how to play. That was a good time! Because it was just the two of us, there are some rules that she didn't pick up on, but that will soon be remedied. I googled Mao, thinking I wouldn't come up with much, but, ah, lots of people play that game! Like, internationally, too! There are also a lot of different versions. As it turns out, the rule that involves my teddy bear, is a "nonstandard" rule. That makes me sad. But there are some interesting ones. People bring in the Beatles and everything. Bizarre.

Tonight was my old high school's Christmas concert. That was cool. I have quite a few friends (really good acquaintances? Naw, I think I'll go with friends.) still in hs and of course their in band and choir. (I'm such a band geek/choir nerd.) It's so weird, because junior highers are now in high school. I suppose that's how it goes.

I surprised. There haven't been the usual "I'm home." posts. I think I'll just go ahead and assume that Jericho's plane and Quia's collided and crashed on the highway, on top of CO's and PQ's cars. Then Ibid and Carducci crashed into the mess. This makes me sad. That means 9 has gone down to 3. No matter, must carry on.

Oh, and You're Beautiful is done. I'm so proud, but I have a feeling that a certain "gentle girl, whose blood runs hot, twirls over, and curls" may just kill me at a specific part. But it will be worth it, oh it will be worth it. *rubs hands together evily and laughs* I need ya'll's help, though. What is a good love song. Like a really good one. Not too sappy, just hard core "I love you"?

Monday, December 19, 2005

The Long Silence Ends


The day I left Christendom, I took a walk beneath the evening sky out into the winter countryside. I'm sorry that I stole away like a thief in the night without saying goodbye to most of you friends, but that is rather typical of me. Yet, I want to write awhile about this memory of a particular evening sky.

The winter landscape is rather stark. White and gray hangs over the land casting the winter gloom upon every field and hill. Creation seems desolate and barren, conquered by Death in service to sharp Winter. I walked along the little road past Padre Pio Hall down toard St. Teresa's. I didn't hurry, but rather took my time as I ambled my way through the road's muddy slush. My mind was caught up in my thoughts, and while these took expression my eyes danced about the horizon searching for something beyond what was there. Yet, no bright colors cheered my sight, nor any sign of life in nature greeted me, and I beheld the woodlands stripped naked on the hillsides quivering before winter's intended fury. This wasteland could give me no comfort and hope, when my spirit yearned for any such sign.

Walking took me to the back yard of St. Teresa's, and for awhile I remained there, sometimes gazing upon the forlorn landscape. The neighboring houses like winter were dirty and grey, and seemed like battered fortresses, small redoubts in the dominion of winter. As I caught in all this, I leaned back against the icy picnic table, and tried to give a voice to my distracted thoughts. Then turning around, I placed my foot on the bench, and thought some more, and yet mused on this death of winter. This winter of cold, mud, sleet, and snow that promised a long time of ruined creation and triumph over the Spring that would never come. Spring would never come . . . yet that cannot be true.

I turned back, and slowly trudged the grimy road back to the college through the muddy slush and over teh dirty potholes. Yet, I looked up to the sky, and in a moment my eyes were fixed to the fire in the sky of the Western Sun spreading its mighty blaze and majesty over the Shenandoah mountains. A great black cloud seemed to pour forth toward and above me, as if it were a harbinger of some great war or calamity that had set the world beyond afire in purgining flames, letting loose the royal colors into the barren sky. All this held and fascinated my eyes, and I delighted in the drama that was unfolding before me. The kingdoms of light and darkness contended with each other, and the royal fire prophesied with mute trumpets the advent end of Winter's reign. It could not be stopped; in time the end would come.

All this scene captured the spirit of my imagination and at once for an instant that lacked the cage of time, I felt transported in a reverie beyond my sorrows and desolate spirit to that majestical land of warm brilliant fires and dancing lights, where I beheld the royal King of Summers surrounded by his court making the preparations to return and deliver his desolate kingdom from the wasteful usurpation of Winter. "Hope shall return", a voice proclaimed, "All the wasteland shall be filled with life once more, and those faithful in the exspectation shall find life more new than before." Then the image faded, and I could only walk forward in silence, contemplating this drama between the earth and sky.

Mindful of these things, I wandered back to the campus. My thoughts were so busy, I remained barely conscious of the path my steps were taking. My attention lay elsewhere than my destination. My feet would take me there. Soon the sun descended beyond the horizon's mighty mountains, and the last rays of its glories withfrew before Night spreading her darkling mantle over the sky. Twilight had mysteriously come and gone, and the drama ended, but still my soul cleaved to the revealed hope of a coming spring in the midst of a hopeless winter.

At last at one spot I stopped my wandering. A few last thoughts found their expression into words, but their understanding lay in the heart. Always the heart understands the meaning that is more than the word. My heart beat fast and hard, and each beating pounded my breast with the great swell of anguish, fear, hope, and love. Then one last tender whisper of my soul I uttered into the night, and I wished my last goodbye to fairest Christendom. Beneath twinkling skies, and a guant yellow moon, I began the journey home.

Sunday, December 18, 2005

Heartache and Breakups


Alas, the usual humdrums and wrenchings of departing the dear ones of home to go home to the other dear ones. The traverse, always oddly uneventful, even if the blue lights flash (maybe it's just happened so often that it doesn't less than commonplace). Alack, there wasn't even that this time around . . . nevermind, that is a cheerful, rejoice-worthy thing. But of course, there is the arrival. The usual frantic screaming bound to the all-too-well-known "thump thump thump (etc.)" Then there is that pain which only can be explained by excess pressure from the little monkeys that cling to you like velcro and can't seem to be complacent with picking the bugs out of your hair and eating them.

Okay, so I got home safely, managing to pull it off without getting another ticket (huzzah). It's just rough doing this whole thing; leaving you guys, leaving what is home to me, leaving my dearest, to come home to those who wish that you would never leave once in a million years. This, too, is home, and I love and appreciate my family, don't get me wrong. It's just that they have added stress into my life by being so wanting of my company. This, however, is why we have Christmas break; stress has miraculously disappeared: no more finals, no more attending classes, no more term papers. It's just you and the bed for 24 hours. So, there is no stress, which means I'm not going to get irritable with my family when they bring up the fact that I'm probably not going to be around for New Years or any time after that for a while. I love them, I really do, and I'm starting to understand and appreciate why they miss me so much, nevertheless, they still have to let go. As for me, I need to be kind and patient in handling the situation.

It's not every day that your first-born son, only child for 6 years, and apparently the glue in the family, prepares for lifetime changes. I've grown and changed a great deal since this summer. I don't even remember how I could've been like that. I've dropped bad habits that I have had for for 6 to 7 years, I've started studying and doing my homework, and even going to classees that I neither had to or wanted to attend. My family doesn't see these direct changes, but they do see the tweak in my personality. They see that air of wisdom and responsibility that is growing about me. They see that twinkle in my eye and that smile on my face when my phone starts singing "Hands Down." That scares them. Heck, thinking about it nearly scares me.

I'm not even sure what I'm trying to get at. It's probably obvious that I'm just rambling trying to talk about something that I have to get done, but am not sure how to get about it. It's not something that scares me, but it is something that concerns me. I want my parents to fully understand what is going on between Maria and me. I want them to be able to accept the fact that I am going to be leaving the house soon, not to come back but for visits. Maybe I'm just not being patient enough. Maybe I do need to heed their wishes, but the problem is that I have never been openly rebellious to them; sure I had my times when I'd do things behind their backs, but it never made a statement to them because they never found out, plus those were foolish things, harmful things. This, this is not foolish or harmful. This is one of those times when you get to say "Mom and Dad, this is how it has to be" because without that they won't have a realization, they'll only slowly come to grips with the fact. I need to assert myself, my responsibility, my coming into independence. It'll be hard for them now, but on the long side of things they'll be able to better handle the bigger things than not being home for New Years.

It's nice being home, it always has been since Germany. But it's the sort of nice comfort that only comes because you've got a home somewhere else; you know, that sort of feeling that you get when you visit grandma and grandpa (not quite the same, but it helps you get the gist). Home is where the heart is, right? I suppose that means the heart can bilocate (or even trilocate if things come down to it). My heart is here, true, and always will be because of the love I have for my family. But my heart is more strongly elsewhere now. Makes me think "Home to Me" . . . "Cause you are home to me, cause you are home to me . . . ."

p.s. - I hope you understand the title now...


Thursday, December 15, 2005

Movin' to the Rhythm of the Crusaders

This just in: pictures from CC's winter formal. Comments from freshman and sophomore girls say that it kicked heretic booty! Random guys also agree. There was dispute about having a full blown sit down supper, though. Many appreciated being fed real food for once, but it must be weighed with the fact that it too way too bloody long! Although the general consensus was that it was awesome. There was one sophomore girl who seemed to find the food distasteful and wished whole heartedly that she had gone to China Jade with some of the guys. She was quickly silenced. Because of the dinner, the dance got started late, but the dance gods smiled upon us and curfew was extended. (Hurray! We're having a wonderful time.) The dance floor was considerably larger than last year. This was very well received. There still managed to be plenty of running into people and almost death. And now onto the pictures.

As I said, over all, the dinner was a success.

These are some sophomore girls who thoroughly enjoyed their no boy table.

And once again, Dombo ends up with a table full of nuns.

What did that poor cheesecake even do to them?

These two bums, Hich and Lil' Brudder, decided to go to China Jade instead of attending the dinner. Grr on them.
Here we have some of the KK's. The White Phantom had her beloved Laura-friend and Stitches had her.

The big shocker was that our very own Quia had Ibid. (Nobody knew, not even him!)

And no December 8th festivity would be complete without a procession in honor of Our Lady's Immaculate Conception.

And what's a dance without awkward standing around pictures/yell someone's name and take the picture pictures?

A lovely Collin and Sarah.

Good ol' Swinger and Carducci.

Ry and his Maria.

The great Faz and Monica.

The always cute but slightly late Squishy and Laura-friend.

The WP, Quia, and Carducci.

And the good Capitan in all his oblivion.

Swinger, Quia, and Ibid going out to meet their adoring public. (Not really, but doesn't it look like it?)
For some reason, there was some animosity towards the WP that night.

Eventually the dance started.

Here we have Quia and Ibid demonstrating their slow dancing skills. It has been noted that Quia looks more like Ibid's sister than, well, his sister.

Swinger and Carducci playin' it cool. (Go Daddy-O!)

Faz and Monica showing off their mad swing skills.

The guys dancing in some strange group sway manner.

The Faz contemplating the Form of formalness. (What is it all about?)

Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Don't Make a Big Deal, Okay?

Those were the words of my friend Carducci to me in reference to her becoming over 18. To this I said. "Yea, okay. We'll just chill in your room after birthday singing and be like, 'Hurray that you're still alive!'" I was not lying. This was my actual intent. I was planning on respecting the wishes of the Duck. But once her birthday hit, something inside me felt like there was something not right. My first thought was vasculitis, but I decided that was not it. No, I realized that I felt like a bad person for not throwing a party for that one who is so very, very awesome. But I brushed it off (or tried to) by saying, "It's what she wants." So I went about my life, studying Latin. (I've come up with a new disease: Periphrastic Conjugations. It can be in active or passive form. Very deadly.) Then Swinger texted me asking what we were doing for Ducci's birthday. Well, the rest was history. Swinger, Quia, and I ended up running around FR looking for Ducci approved soda, chips, and fuzzy toe socks. It was a grand time. We learned that just because two things are red, doesn't mean they match, Peebles has a lot of frumpy old lady clothes (usually with old ladies by them, so if you make fun of the clothes, usually you'll insult the old ladies, too!), baby wrapping paper is not funny (this was news to me), and I don't know how to draw a duck (really, it was bad.)
The party was even better. There was cake, ice cream, food, music, a movie, and some pretty fun people. Of course the party that was supposed to start at 9, didn't acutally start untill 10ish, because someone doesn't know how to be on time for her own suprise birthday party!!! (J/K Duck, I love you!) Anyway Ducky, I just wanted to say:
Happy Birthday!!!!!

Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Life, Charity, and the Pursuit of Happiness


Okay, so if you haven't come to guess what I mean by that, perhaps you need to watch me more. Not to offend, of course. It's just rather plain to see that, well, I am in love. It is such a wonderful thing... a song comes to mind: "All you need is love..." Yeah, it may not be completely encompassing, but I think to a very real degree, it is true.

As was discussed today in Human Nature, civilized eating is important to friendship. And as we all know from previous discussions in HN, that the nuptual friendship between man and woman is the best possible friendship. I am not saying that I am in that level of a relationship at this point, but you all know that I am heading that way, and that we fully plan upon that end. So, if eating is important to friendship in that it is a place of rich conversation, then it is obvious that I am going to eat with this one I might call my significant other. Well, if I've got love, I don't need to worry about eating then, right? I mean, being in love is having the best frienship ever, and food is part of that.

Then I can get into the argument of "well what about money?" I'll ask you then, what about money? Well, there, due to that natural drive to eat, aside from the appetitive necessity of eating, so as to be able to converse with that person you love, you will have a drive to work to provide food for yourself and that special person with whom you will be 'dining civilized-like.' Let us, of course, not forget that the woman need not concern herself with the obtaining of the money, for she can rely on her love--both the person and what she shares with that person--to provide. And, as Maria likes to joke, her paycheck is hers and my paycheck is hers. Not put so eloquently as she put it, so it's not as funny, and may seem odd to some of you, so never mind that fact... it is just a joke.

Anyhow, I could go on and on about how real and poignant that song may be. I guess all I wanted to say is that regula caritas never fails; self-giving is the best thing ever. Christ did it for us, and I've begun to understand what exactly that is like. There is a cross to bear, something both of us must work with, and I would give anything that I could have taken the hit in her stead. Anything. She, just the same for me. It is our wish to give ourselves selflessly for the other, the beginning of that marital relationship; the one that God set up when he sent His only-begotten son to die for our sins, to give Himself as bridegroom for His bride, the people, His church. It is a most wonderful thing. I once called it the "salubrious pestilence of life," but lo, little did I realize that love only brings out what we dislike in ourselves because we want the best for our love. It is something we must accept, especially to the point of truly letting go. It is said that we like people for their qualities, and love them for their faults.


Monday, December 05, 2005

There Should Be More Dates And Less Dating

Thus spake the dating god of Christendom College, I mean, Dr. Cuddeback. Quia and I have decided to take his advice. But instead of going out on dates by ourselves, we’ve decided to lighten things up a bit: both of us and one guy. Instead of a double date, it’s a one and a half date. Clever? We did it once last year and it was a lot of fun. So we decided to give it another whack. We thought our friend Faz should be our first victim – date, yes, I meant date.
So last night, Quia, Faz, and I went to see Chicken Little. I was really happy because I had recommended it, and as of late, my taste in movies has been called into question. But I redeemed myself and we all liked it. After that we went to KFC to eat some chicken. I promptly picked up a drumstick and said, “The sky is falling! The sky is falling!” To which Faz replied, “Mmmm.” We found out Faz eats his corn on the cob perfectly. (See pictures below.) The only hard part was that Quia insisted we sit on these freakishly high chairs that practically required me to get out rock climbing gear. (I’m not called Hobbit for nothing!) And she kept dropping her napkin. Bad Quia.
After that we headed back to Main Street for the traditional walk down Main. Unfortunately for us, the weather did not realize we were on a date. The sky started spitting sloshy cold wet gunk at us. (Hmm, I guess the sky really was falling!) We danced in the parking lot and Faz got out his machetes and did a really cool machete thing to Japanese techno. Then began our walk. I was the cutsie date while Quia filmed. (Strangely, the film got deleted. . . ) Then Quia was the awkward date while I filmed. Then Faz got a hold of the camera and filmed us. The date was then officially over and so the five of us (we’d picked up Carducci and Swinger by that point) headed over to GA. The Chilean of Front Royal and Lola showed up shortly after and the evening ended as so many have thus far, video games.
Overall, the date was great. We all had a good time. Faz rolled with it really well. (We only told him as much as he needed to know to get us from point A to point B.) He summed it up pretty well with, “It could be techno, it could be sappy, or it could be Short Skirt and a Long Jacket.”

Note the sign that says “Finger-lickin’ good.” Somehow I saw the F & r from finger and the ‘ickin’ from lickin’ and well, I was confused as to KFC’s advertising strategy for a moment.

Quia really got into her corn.

Quia told Faz to make a face at me, so he did. :)

Faz got a little crazy when the Japanese techno came on. :)

Who we talkin' about?

Faz getting wet by the gunk the sky was throwing at us.

I took refuge under the gazebo. (We have a gazebo on Main Street. It's pretty cool.)

And after it was all over, all we had to say was, “HOUSE.”

Sunday, November 27, 2005

Happy New Year!

*blank stares*


Liturgical year?

Come on guys, you know what I'm talking about. :)

Saturday, November 26, 2005

I Give Up On Dominics

Well, in my last post, I ruffled a few feathers by saying that all my friends were dating. Sheila pointed out, that it could be said that I was also dating. I told her it was true, as we had often made many jokes last semester about me going on ‘dates.’ I told her the reason I wasn’t quite so sure I wanted to think about my Boyfriend, because since about the end of the summer, I was getting sicker and I figured we wouldn’t be getting married for quite some time. And as time had gone on, I’d begun to wonder if He wanted to get married at all. When I went home for a month and to the Mayo, I began to worry. When I came back, though, I thought maybe there was still hope for this to work out. I figured it’d just be postponed until I got better. Unfortunately no one knows when that’ll be, and I’ve ‘gotten better’ a few times now, so I really don’t know when that’ll actually stick. I called Sr. Alma Marie today and gave her the scoop. Well, it looks like He just wants to be friends. How did I know that was coming? Oh right, the being sick.

So now the only reason the White Phantom will be white, is because she is very pale, not because she will have a lovely white habit. Granted, she didn’t give me a definite, 100% for sure no. But that was only because Mother General wasn’t in. *sigh* I kind of don’t know what to do with myself right now. (I should be writing a Bersnak paper.) *light bulb* Never mind.

But in all seriousness, this is so weird. It’s kind of like a breakup that I’ve been quasi expecting for months now. I called my mom and cried at her. Isn’t it wonderful how mothers can make things all better just by listening? Well, maybe not all the time, but I think it actually happens more than people think.

Other than this, Thanksgiving has be been wonderful. MB’s family is GREAT. I love them lots and lots and lots. I hope y’all have had a wonderful Thanksgiving as well. I suppose everyone went home except for Quia, Jericho, and I. Oh well.

Oh, and my last post was merely an observation of the universal. It was not, I repeat, not directed at anyone in particular (even the people mentioned), so if you thought I was complaining about you and yours: get over it.

Wednesday, November 23, 2005

The Return of the Peach

Happy Thanksgiving, you guys and gals!

Yes, I have returned to blog once more. I have thought about many a great deal of things. I am working on a post, a grand post, and when I've posted it, I am going to go back into obscurity and renew my life, and then you can try to get to know me. As part of my renewal, I shall be winter camping, which I have missed. This Peach is going to commune with the outdoors again. Besides that, I shall write down that drama that I've always wanted to, read French poetry, and translate Latin from Cicero. There are also a number of fictional works I've wanted to read. I'll make time for that as well.

Anyway, I'm tired. I'll start writing my post now in my notebook. I think it's rather important, especially since it follows upon one of the very last posts I did on the 8'oc. Well, God bless, and everyone have a restful and happy Thanksgiving. It couldn't have come at a more needed time.

In Christ,

Tuesday, November 22, 2005


I know its early, but I had some free time. It's not too early to wish everyone a good break however.

God Bless

Sunday, November 20, 2005

Springtime for Hitler

It’s definitely fall and Hitler is definitely not taking over, but couples have. Following the philosophy of Fr. O’K, people should be coupling up in the spring (hence the springtime part.) But I guess they just can’t wait. To be fair, it’s really not everyone, just the sophomores. It makes sense that they are coupling up now, we’ve all known each other for about a year and half now. We’ve all gone through tests, papers, finals, dances, dorm life, breaks, and friend problems together. Everyone’s finally comfortable enough with that ‘other person’ to either date or notdate* them. What is notdating, you may ask. It is a phenomenon usually found at Christendom (or your local junior high.) It’s when two people spend almost all (or all) of their time together and no guy in his right mind would ask the girl out for fear of what her notboyfriend would do to him. But when asked, the couple (notcouple?) vehemently deny any form of datage. Whatever.

As I was walking back from the library, I was thinking about one of my girlfriends (who will remain nameless. . . *quack, quack*) and her notboyfriend and my other girlfriend and her boyfriend who is fuzzy (I think I can say that). I was deep in thought, but then I noticed a couple in front of me and realized that over the weekend, I’d been seeing them be more of a couple and pondered exactly when that happened. That set off a chain of events. All of my really good girlfriends are going out with someone (or notdating). Wait a minute! Praise be! There is one sane person left, my fellow Dominican friend whom I will be spending a lovely Thanksgiving with. And most of my guy friends are either dating or notdating (mostly with the aforementioned girls.) That’s when I realized that there are only three members of this blog that are unattached (save Tokyo. Sorry Tok, you never blog.) But my guy friends who are dating (or notdating) have another good guy friend who either they room with or live right across the deck from each other and are always together. I don’t want to say that they are couples, because that's just not right and totally not true. (Don’t hurt me, please.) Oh I better stop talking.

Anyway, it just feels like Cupid has taken over the sophomore class (that’s the Hitler part, I guess.) Now by rights, I can’t complain. I’ve said many times that it just wouldn’t do to have nunnish thoughts and a guy. That would just be bad. So why am I complaining?

Maybe my problem is my girlfriends are too pretty. Seriously, they’re all really good looking girls. (Here, Quia, hold still, I’m just going to put some pepper on your face. . . No Carducci, I don’t know who drew a mustache on your face with permanent marker. . . Don’t worry, Jericho, your eyebrows will grow back. . . Laura-friend I don’t know what you’re talking about, your hair isn’t purple. . . PBJ Girl, what do you mean someone cut your hair all lawnmower like. . . Fitz, do you mean to tell me that someone put ink in your tea. . . ) Okay, maybe that’s not the answer. But it’d be funny!

I think I need to find a good girlfriend WHO REALLY ISN’T NOR WILL BE DATING ANYONE. *frustrated sigh* So consider this an application. Requirements for being The WP’s single friend: First of all, you must be single and plan on staying so. Entering into a dating or notdating relationship will void the contract. (Social contract?) Second, you must be a girl, preferably a sophomore or junior. Freshman aren’t dating because they are freshman and I don’t want to go through the trouble of finding a new friend next year when my freshman friend, now sophomoric, falls for the guy of her dreams. And seniors will be gone by the end of the year, thus needing to redo this next year, also. Thirdly, you can’t be a girl who spends all her time in her room or at the library studying. No, you must be able to have fun. Having fun is essential. You must also be friends with my stupid friends and their significant others. Please leave applications in comment section. Thank you for taking the time to fill this out.

It is now time for me to write my theology paper. Maybe if I spent more time on my homework and less on what my friends are doing, things would go more smoothly all around. So I’m going to stop whining and start being productive.

* Emily G, Nun Run, 2005. All other references to notdating in this post should darn well consider themselves cited.

Saturday, November 12, 2005

So, now the Hobbit is back, and the Shire is praising.
I'm here, and the fire is starting.
So I'm not sure who will read this, but hello to those who do,
I'd just like to say to Jenne, that all of us love you.

Sorry, it was improvised. Oh well.

Welcome back Jenne.


So, now the Hobbit is back, and the Shire is praising.
I'm here, and the fire is starting.
So I'm not sure who will read this, but hello to those who do,
I'd just like to say to Jenne, that all of us love you.

Sorry, it was improvised. Oh well.

Welcome back Jenne.

Thursday, November 10, 2005

The Joe's Dungeon report.

What news is there in the basement of St. Joe's? Well its the same news that has rocked the enirety of St. Joe's dormitory for the past week. That's right; you guessed it; the fire alarm is broken. It went of at least eight times last night and several times last afternoon and the afternoon before that. It is probably going off right now as I type. Dr. Marshner's class was standing outside of the dorm when I got back from breakfast (Ricks's class was cancelled). They seriously thought that there was a fire goning on inside until Matthew and I waltzed right in complaining that the broken alarm kept interupting our sleep.

How many more days till we become so innocuated by the alarms that a real fire will fail to be noticed? Till we die in our beds because we thought that the alarm was only acting up for the ninth time that night? God only knows.

(We smelled something burning yesterday but that only turned out to be Nick playing with his lighter. Strange that that didn't set of the alarm...)

God Bless and pray for the lives (and sleep) of the people in St. Joes's dormitory.

Tuesday, November 08, 2005

What A Weird Day or Watch Out For Stop-Sign-Shaped-Sky-Coulored-Falling Objects

Well, in my last post I claimed that I was feeling more surreal than I ever had before bar the ACT, but I have to say last night and today came pretty darn close. This last week or so, I've been getting increasingly nervous about my upcoming Mayo visit. What if it's untreatable? What if it's chronic? What if it's fatal? What if it makes my teeth red? Some of the things I was tested for were, uh, unpleasant. I definitely had a big case of the 'what ifs.' As time went by, I was getting harder and harder to live with. I was, as Bob puts it, 'Grumpy Gills.' (Ah, the joys of having a mother in love with Finding Nemo.) We got into Rochester at about midnight thirty, but didn't get to sleep for hours. I was wound up tighter than a tick. (That saying is so dumb, how do you wind a tick?) So I watched Two Towerssess. (They only logical thing to do, of course.) Bob read about adrenal tumors. Finally today came. I had an appointment this morning with an ENT doc who told me my inner ear was fine. (I knew that!) Then this afternoon it was back to neurology. Not only did I have good ol' Dr. Drubach, but a resident who went to UVA for awhile. (He and I compared notes on Virginia. *soft sappy music playing* He was really. . . nice. *record screeches* Whoa, back to reality.)
So we went through all the test while I'm not really breathing as thoughts of cancer and neuro-muscular diseases dance through my head. (I want the sugar plums back!) But all my tests came back normal, except the MRI of my neck. Get this, I have arthritis. (I knew I was getting old!) It's not bad, though, and he said I probably don't even notice it. (Yes, when the room is spinning, I'm not really thinking about the pain in my neck.) But seriously, if he hadn't told me, I wouldn't have known. *shrug* Anyway, so Dr. D. said that most likely the encephalitis caused something to go haywire and it should right itself. He said he checked for all sorts of permanent diseases and anything that would be dangerous. (read: I can breathe!) He said that it happens very often that neurological things happen and no one ever figures out exactly why or what. (Comforting.) So I'm good to go. Hich thinks I need to name whatever I have. He offered some suggestions, but I'm open to others. Any ideas? :P
Bob and I were so excited we went to Perkins and got Cherry Cokes (well, we actually got supper, too, but Cherry Cokes at Perkins is a Que? tradition.) Then we went to Chicken Little. Funny movie! The movie theatre was almost completely empty, so Bob and I were very loud and enjoyed ourselves thoroughly.
So today I ran almost completely on nerves and adrenaline. After this, finals week won't be so bad. :)
And to top it all off, today's my 19 and 1/2 birthday. *shaking head and smiling* What a sense of humor.

Catching up and such...

So, this is how life is. It's so much better than ever could have been imagined. I am at peace. Such peace. Woah... More later, libraries closing. ;)

Wednesday, November 02, 2005

So Long And Thanks For All The Fish

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Bllaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
*shaking head vigorously* Waaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Wow, I'm not sure I can really form intelligent wordage right now. Really, I think I'm as incompetent and the mice think I am. I just don't understand anymore. I don't even know what I don't know. I feel like I just saw Darwin and Descartes morph into one person by means of a Terry Pratchett book. Granted, I've never actually read a Terry Pratchett book, but I've had them described to me in fairly great detail. Or maybe just some detail. Actually, it was probably just a basic plot summary. But that's what I thought of! Anyway, I started watching The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, because I'd just finished a boatload of Latin homework/studying for a Latin test and was feeling a bit burned out. I thought, ya know, a strange funny sci fiish movie might be just what I need. I have to say, I feel 1,000 times more random right now than I have ever felt after studying for midterms, finals, other really important things, and working in the library put together! Except for the ACT, yea, that was worse. Other than that, life is going pretty well. Nothing terribly new around here. The cat coughed up a hair ball the other day. That was good, because before she was puking at will and that was bad. (She puked on me one day.) Bob and I've got the reorganizing bug, so the house looks like, well, a small house that has a college student and a single working mother and random pets who have decided to move things around but haven't really gotten to putting them back. And there is pineapple.

Saturday, October 29, 2005

A style question

This is just an inquiry to the administrators. Is it possible to get a photograph on the main page next to where our names are listed? As it is, whenever I open the main page all I see is a large empty space that is just begging to be filled with something; I don't know what, just something. Oh well, that's it.

God Bless.

Thursday, October 27, 2005

Little Moments

*Warning: Sappy post alert!*
It’s funny, they always say it’s the little moments that you miss the most. That always made sense to me. And I guess it’s been true in the past. But it has been in these last few days that I really realize just how true it is. Granted, I haven’t been gone that long. Just four days longer than everyone else. But it’s the knowing that I won’t see any of you until the middle of December, at the earliest, that gets me. Now don’t get me wrong. I love my cozy little home. I enjoy being able to spend time with Bob and Chance, Riley, and Emery. And it’s really nice not to trudge up and down all those hills everyday. It’s wonderful being able to walk across the living room and be ‘in class’ and not have to go down 2 flights of steps, Catherine’s path, into the Commons and down 2 more flights of stairs or over to the library.
It’s true, I’ve thought of things like Medieval Fest, Halloween, Winter Formal, and the Campion Christmas Party. But what I’d really like, is to sit in the computer lab talking while I’m supposed to be doing my homework or writing a paper. I’d like to walk to Coeli and stop and talk with every other person I meet. I’d like to run over to Carducci or Meghan’s room and ask what ‘virōs in agrīs adjuvābunt puerī’ means. I’d like to see the look on Ibid’s face when I say something completely off the wall, where he turns his head to the side, squints his eyes, and does something weird with his lips. I’d love to hear Jericho scream and then laugh and say “Duuuude!” after I’ve done a Gollum impression or something. Or have Quia barge into my room and grab something out of the fridge and yell thanks as she’s running out the door again, hair flying every which way. Or heard PQ say “I see, I see. Yup, yup. I see.” As he shoves his hands in his pockets, tucks his lips into his mouth, rocks back on his heels, and looks at his feet. I’d like to dance with Carducci, swing, waltz, Virginia Reel, whatever. Or see what can only be described as ‘the Peachy smile.’ Or see Ry when he gets frustrated about something and squinches up his face and starts stomping around like a small child. I’d like to see CO lean back in his chair with a triumphant smile on his face and say “BingO!!” when someone finally gets something they’ve been struggling with.
There are a thousand little things that I think of every day. Tonight Bob made cookies and it made me think of all those time Carducci and I made (or tried ) cookies at the apartment. That makes me think about the mustard, which makes me think about hot dogs, which makes me think about the 4th. From there I think about Chipotle’s, and well you get the picture. But cookies also make me think about all the baking that Jericho does (and how Quia eats it all!) That sets off a new chain. But I also think about making cookies at Katie’s house and that leads to a totally new memories. Each memories seems to have an infinite set of other memories attached. But I think that’s the joy of the memoritive power. In a cognitive sense y’all are here, with me. And moving from philosophy to theology, there’s the Mystical Body of Christ to think about.
Anyway, I’m doing fine. I’m getting into the swing of this “home schooling” and it’s going well. I’m not complaining, I think this was the best thing we could have done. I just wanted to let you all know that you are missed, greatly. I hope to see you all in January, but if – well, I love you guys.

Oh For Pete's Sake!

I got this off of Meredith's blog. I guess I really am a hobbit. Although I like to think that people think I'm fun. *shrug*

a vegetable garden
You are 'growing one's own food'.

You are guided by two words: 'Live simply.' You
value quality over quantity in most things, and
you have little use for the materialism and
consumerism of modern culture. You know the
value of hard work and try to be
self-sufficient as much as possible, and what
you do you do well. Unfortunately, no man is
an island, and you cannot do everything
yourself. Your puritanical work ethic makes
makes people think that you are weird, and not
much fun. Your problem is that growing one's
own food has been obsolete for a long time.

What obsolete skill are you?
brought to you by Quizilla

Sunday, October 23, 2005

Prarie Home Companion

I don’t like Minnesota. I never have. It has always been understood growing up that Minnesotans are stuck up, rich, and have no sales tax. That they are as weird, annoying, and numerous as the mosquitoes that inhabit their state. Also, Minnesota is similar to New York in the respect that when people think of New York, they think of the City and maybe Albany or Rochester. Everything else is ‘upstate.’ In the same way, when people think of Minnesota, they think of the cities (Minneapolis-St. Paul) and maybe Duluth or Rochester. Everything else is ‘Wisconsin.’ (They also both have Rochesters.) Because of this, the farmers of SD tend to think of Minnesotans as pansy city slickers. The exception being the far north. In the far northern wilderness live the trappers and mushers (dog sled folk). They are usually looked up to for knowing how to survive in the harsh climate. In turn most Minnesotans (read: city people) look down on us South Dakotans as hicks that give the Midwest a bad name. Now I must point out that this is not the view of every person, just a general rivalry. It’s kind of like Virginians making fun of West Virginia being inbred hillbillies. Not everyone thinks that, but it’s just kind of a stigma. But you throw a South Dakotan and a Minnesotan together in one room on the East Coast and they get along just fine. I’ve decided the only redeeming factors of Minnesota are Jericho, Gary Paulsen, the Mayo, and Prairie Home Companion.

Despite my malice for the loony bin state, my adventures have been fairly amiable. The people at the Mayo have been (for the most part) wonderful. The people at the hotel are awesome, workers and residents. Most of my venturing out of the hotel has involved the Mayo or the finding of food. But I didn’t have any tests this weekend, so Bob and I grew a bit brave and went to the mall. Our first stop was Barnes & Noble. Oh the joy that is books. I searched the store top to bottom for Chesterton, hoping that I could find something that wasn’t in my local library. (My library’s Chesterton selection is pathetic! I’ve gotten spoiled by the Christendom library.) They didn’t have anything by him. Not a one. So I got David Copperfield, The Count of Monte Cristo (or Crisco as Bob calls it), and Grimm’s Fairy Tales. Last night I read Hans the Hedgehog and giggled remembering Dane’s performance at the literary night last year. We then ventured to Bath & Body Works for ‘expensive girl stuff’ as Teddy calls it. Today we ventured to a Franciscan convent for Sunday Mass. At least I think that’s what it was. The sign said convent, and it’s Sunday, and I’m pretty sure the pamphlet said Mass. It was worse than some of the places we saw on the nun run. The outside was a beautiful old Spanish mission. But inside it was I love the 70’s with a vengeance. The procession included ‘sisters’ in kakis and sweaters, or suits, or dresses. Though there was one really old nun in a full black habit. (Props to her.) They never said ‘Lord’ or ‘He’ and the priest omitted the Creed. *Growling* He also started out his homily with four verses of ‘If you’re chilly and you know it.’ Oh the homily, it made me want to cry. He didn’t say anything about the Easter of faith or ‘poor Michael Schiavo’ like that one priest did. But he did talk about getting to know the ‘so-called terrorists’ so we can love them and end the violence. He said that if we got to know their story, we’d understand why they do the things they do. Bob told me later that she was praying for that priests soul. I said I’d just been trying not to scream. That is so not God’s way! After that we ate at Chipotle’s. Memories of this summer came flooding back as I walked in the door. I had that massive burrito that Ben loves so much. Good times.
Well that’s all the news here from Lake Wobegon where all the women are strong, the men are good-looking and the children are above-average.

Saturday, October 22, 2005

Wehn hlaf an ecnesse ptsos ...

... Envtheriyg gtes rlelay mesesd up! *Shakes himself* But be that as it may, I am still alive and kicking. I just had a rather strange thought, and most certainly not all-encompassing thought that I wanted to share with all of you.

What is pride? What is this grand illusion that the most powerful of the angels bought into because he did not serve God? How does one avoid its many coils, how does one avoid having it motivate his every action? Well, here is a thought on the subject. Perhaps pride is nothing more than the belief that one is omniscient. Consider the atheist, and consider the East. Each says, "I have wieghed the stars in a balance, and brought the sky to a scale." In that "scio" man sets himself far outside of creation and passes judgement on it as if it were his own. There is no sense of limit, there is no acknowledgement of weakness. It is pride that causes the general rejection of reality found in many eastern philosophies and in several of the more modern schools of thought. Through this sin materialists today can ignore all first premises, all that men throughout the ages have believed and say "there is no God and the material universe is uncreated; therefore, since material universe exists, there cannot be a God." If reality does something that seems to contradict the "known" theory then reality, not the theory is to be called into question. Facts are ignored in favor of fantasy. The materialist claims to completely understand the purpose of the universe. He says, "all things are purposeless. They are ordered out of chaos and they fall back into chaos, all for no reason and by no power." This universe, this colossal orb spanned from end to end with furious fires, each drawn to the others by invisible lines stronger than adamant is to him nothing more than a weary spark, a hollow noise caused by the random swerving of a single atom.
Pride can only be destroyed by humility, the habitual action of glimpsing where one actually stands in knowledge. This act of seeing, this "speculo" or "cogno", is the polar opposite of the "scio" of a materialist. The man who sees this way says "I have known the stars for a moment, the world for an instant, and I have glimpsed beyond the curtain something far greater than everything I can barely see." It does not reject reality as materialists do, because it accepts that it does not know perfectly, and therefore is not surprised when reality does something that does not conform to its understanding. It says, "I see the world, and the world is ordered, therefore there must be an orderer." And, as events have shown, the orderer is willing to show man even more than he could know on his own. The man who acknowledges his limits, who knows that there is more than he could ever know that he does not know, knows more than those who think they do know, and more than he thought he could know. (Socrates is the perfect example of this.) To the man who knows that what he knows is as nothing, every scrap of information he acquires makes sense to some degree, because it is a part of the big picture that cannot be completely comprehended. (See St. Thomas Aquinas)

All right, enough rambling for now. Just wanted to get that off my chest, and down somewhere where I could look at it again once I got back to school. I'll probably remove it then, so if anyone wants to comment, do it before it vanishes (or let me know when you see me, or don't say anything at all. *wink*)

Oh, by the way, I just saw Batman Begins, in fact, it sparked off this interesting post with some of its characters and situations. [No this post didn't come out of the blue, but it did come out of the dark.] I have to say, I rather liked it. If you like Batman, it's worth renting. It was a decent movie overall, not spectacular in many departments, but adequate in almost all. (Not like Serenity. Oh well ... movie ticket; eight bucks. Ability to say "I am a leaf in the wind" and laugh with your friends over it; priceless.)

See you all in a day or two.

Thursday, October 20, 2005

Peanut Butter Jelly Time == Threat

Has anyone seen this?

Monday, October 17, 2005

More Boatloads

To disregard my reading of Dr. Faustus, I remain a lazy bum. I here will respond to all previous posts, add some of my own, and proceed to do the Ketchup Dance.
Regarding the Blog posted by Andrew, I forgot one crucial note: YOU ATE MY FOOD? DID YOU LEAVE ME ANY? I DON'T WANT TO KILL THE CATS FOR A MIDNIGHT SNACK!
I proceed to the second post: Sweet Sydney, I can't edit the movie now for one very simple, very big reason. I do not posses any way to edit said movie. If any of you want to donate your computer, I am now experienced in editing on the Windows XP movie editor. If any of you computer people have it, I can do my movie on it, as long as it doesn't take up that much memory. I am still looking for free software, if people want to do that too. But other than that, the movie is paused, so to speak.
I also keep your dad in my prayers.
For the Ducci's post: I have said a prayer for your grandfather, and know that he must be well off.
And thus I come to the Phantom Post: Serenity, for those who don't follow, is a movie conclusion to a short lived Sci-fi series called Firefly. It came and went like 3 years ago. But anyway, I too am shocked and amazed by Bob's success in finding conversion in conversation.
Faustus is really cool and really good. Carroll is interesting, and I am on Ch. 3; I hope to be caught up through Calvin by the end of break.
Know this Jenne. I realized I didn't say goodbye about half an hour after leaving. I felt in my soul a loss, a hole that I still feel. I regret it, almost as much as I regret my sins, as I regret not finishing conversations with possible converts. I wished to bid you farewell, but I missed my chance. So now I, with the entire family, wait for you with open arms.

And now its my turn. My beloved sister, who you love and fear, is on the Liturgy committee of my parish (she represents the school; not bad for her first year). It was at a meeting tonight that the pastor, a newer one we gained during the summer, announced to the meeting that at the Children's Christmas Mass (Vigil @ 5:00 or so), there will be a pantomime of the Christmas story after the Gospel. This will replace the homily. Now when my sister responded by challenging the pastor, stating that one can not have a play in the middle of Mass, the pastor said that she didn't have to go, and that she could go to another Mass, and that the play was not being removed. Needless to say, I have seen my sister as upset as she was when she came home tonight only on two occasions. It was a mixture of despair and anger, not a good combination in an Irish-Italian. So I ask you now this question: can there be small play during the middle of the Mass, replacing the homily? Should this be allowed to happen?

Well, I'm done. Hope everyone has a blessed and peaceful break.

Serenity now, insanity later!

"I am a leaf in the wind." Muhahaha! Oh that movie was grand. Although I'm pretty sure I was the only one who thought so. (Save Dane.) This is the point where I pull a Dr. Stanford and say, "Don't go see Serenity." *Head turned to the side.* Seriously, it was a horrible movie. I just liked it because it was so bizarre it was funny. The "official" taglines are: "Can't stop the signal." "The future is worth fighting for." & "They aim to misbehave."

But yea, break's going well. As wyrd would have it, Jericho was right behind Bob & I on the plane. Not that it mattered much, we slept the whole way, but it was still cool. The other flight went well, too. True to tradition, we knew someone on the plane. Bob tried to convert the guy seated next to her. He said he was as excited to go to South Dakota as he had been to go to France! :)

Since I've been home, it's been a lot of paper work. Medical releases from a couple of different hospitals, a couple of different clinics, plus a neurologist app this morning. That went well, he gave me the referral I need to get for insurance for the Mayo. :) *Mental happy dance* Mostly I've been getting ready for the neurologist visit of a lifetime.

Carducci, as I said before, I will certainly keep you & your family, especially your grandfather, in my prayers. Ibid, grrrr. You didn't say good bye. Grrrr. Jericho, I'm glad your father's doing better, he's in my prayers, too. Don't worry about not coming down, I figured your family would need you there. Bob, Hugh, & I will be fine. I ate some carbs today & thought of you & Quia. You know what? They tasted good!! CO, I hope you've gotten some sleep! Is the house exploding with both you & Mo back? Jericho's right, the GS is still well & kicking. *kick, kick* Ry, I hope the deck project is going well. Or was that just to get out of camping? :P Peach, how is your family surviving Quia? Has she turned into a Quiasicle up thur in the North? I've been 'walking around' in my winter jacket. Brrr. It's actually not that cold up here, I'm just being my silly little self. PQ, the driver improvement clinic thing made me giggle. You know, I've never actually seen you drive. Hmm. . . I feel like I should read Dr. Faustus. I feel left out of the Ibid-PQ club. Speaking of reading, all must be right with the world, because Ibid is reading Carroll!

Prayers please!

Hi everyone!
I hope your breaks are going well for you and you all get plenty of rest.
As for me and mine, I have to ask you to remember us in your prayers. My grandfather, Joseph Carducci Sr., died yesterday at 3:oo in the afternoon- the hour of mercy. As you know, he has had numerous strokes and heart attacks; that combined with the fact that he is diabetic, ect caused his heart and respitory failure on Sunday afternoon. He died very peacefully having recieved Last Rights shortly before his final entrance into the hospital and before he became unconcious.
My Dad, my younger siblings and I are all going to New York in a couple of hours to be there will grandma until and up through the funeral.
I know it was his time to go, and I'm pretty sure that he is in a much better place right now, praying for us, but he was my closest family member and we all miss him a lot.
So, if you guys could stick us in their with your daily prayer intentions I'd appreciate it very much. I probably won't be on the blog or internet again until we get back to Maryland on Saterday, so I won't be able to write or respond until then.
Sorry for dumping my worries on you all, but I need the prayers to get me though.
God Bless you all and I'll see you on Sunday.

Sunday, October 16, 2005

Home Sweet Home.

Ah ha, I'm back home! It's sunday afternoon. I spent Satuday waiting around for my parents, who picked me up around 8:00. I used the time to break into the commons, watch some movies, eat some of Mat's food, and enjoy the really nice day that everyone left too early to enjoy. When I got home, I was attacked by two young children. After they went to bed I listened to music for several hours and read Doctor Faustus (I think I'll enjoy that one!). Today, I went to mass, watched Planet of the Apes and registered for a driver imporvment clinic.

What have y'all done?

God Bless

Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Wisdom from Bag End

"I feel thin...sort of stretched, like butter scraped over too much bread. I need a holiday...a very long holiday and I don't expect I shall fact, I mean not to." I have to say, Bilbo took the words right out of my mouth. But I suppose hobbits understand each other pretty well. If anyone is unclear about the new revised edition of the plan, here it goes. I'm going home for fall break like previously planned & I'm also going to the Mayo, also as planed, the new part is me staying at home. Yup, this Baggins needs to stay at Rivendell for awhile. But don't worry, I'm not off to the Gray Havens quite yet. So maybe my man Bilbo didn't get it quite right, I do expect to return, in fact, I mean to! But in the mean time, he has a few more words for ya'll. "I don't know half of you half as well as I should like; and I like less than half of you as well as well as you deserve. I regret to announce, this is the end. I am going now. I bid you all a very fond farewell!! Goodbye." Hmm . . . . I think I'm going to get rid of all of my rings. :p So expect this blog to become a bit more active in the near future.

Saturday, October 01, 2005

Wow, no really WOW!!

Guys, first of all, know that I'm fighting off tears as I write this. I know what I want to say, but I really, really don't know how to say it. Words seem so absolutely inadequate. I could not possibly even imagine better friends. I don't think you guys realized how much you've helped me and my mom. From driving me to the hospital, yelling at nurses, sitting on my bed holding my hand, picking my mom up from the airport, reading me poetry, bringing stuffed bears, blowing up latex gloves, and, yes, even using me as a volleyball net. There are so many things I've left out, but I really think there would not be enough books to contain them all. And your prayers, I couldn't ask for anything more than those. They've worked, for I will for sure be here and going to school until fall break. Over fall break I'm going to the Mayo Clinic. And I guess I'll pretty much do whatever they say as far as staying or going.
I have figured out what I've been trying to say to ya'll with this post: thank you. Thank you. Thank you! Thank you!! Thank you!!!!!!!

Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Maybe it's all for the best?

Trajedy always hits hard. It hits harder though, when it hits one of our own. It's times like these that we doubt the goodness of providence and ourselves. We think that maybe, God is evil and He's being cruel, or that we are evil and are being punished. The first would make sense but for all the good that God has done for us. (Allowing such a wonderful group of people to meet and become friends for example) The second would make sense except that we aren't being punished, only one of is. (and she for one doesn't deserve it I'm sure)

There is only one further possiblity for a God believing Christian to accept: That is is for the best. Think about it. If Jenne remained here this blog would die and remain dead. With her back home, we're gonna be on it seven days a week!

I know that's stupid! This blog is not worth Jenne's relapse and all these troubles. But there'll be an upshot I'm sure. An upshot that we will all recognize after Jenne's well and we've all moved on. God know's what he's doing. Take courage, if only for the sake of those who are still scared.

God Bless.
A Friend’s Perspective
By Ibid.

(A Dark Figure walks up to the podium, clears his throat, and begins)

My friends are all mad
They’re loosing their minds
I’m the only one left
Who’s still sane inside

(He straightens up, adjusting his tie)

I’ve heard them weep tears of pain,
Of hurt, of sorrow, of love, of shame.
Yet, do I feel it? Do I feel their pain?
More than I would if it was just a game.

(He shows the audience his arm, a beaten, bruised sight of regret)

The Mighty Captain, martyr is he,
Who knows life and tries to hide
The gift from the world outside,
For his mind only sees strife.

(The Figure removes his coat and tie, and unbuttons his top button on his shirt)

And blessed is she, a gentle girl,
Whose blood runs hot, twirls over, and curls;
Never blinking an eye for those
Who have left her heart disposed.

(The figure bends over and removes his shoes, setting them aside)

And ancient foundation, an ancient city,
Fights back her mind, and begs for no pity.
Yet I have seen you cry, weep, tear up,
Break down, struggle through, and rise up.

(He takes his socks and throws them to the side)

Simple fruit, you wondrous fuzz,
Your blood flows fast, without beer for buzz.
For it is your family, your blood itself,
That causes your longing to welt.

(He takes his upper shirt off, revealing his undershirt)

A pious ghost, a white hermit.
Your feet are small and hairy,
Your heart is clear, your mind wary,
All glory to you, May angels praise it!

(He walks over to a chair, standing in front of it)

Mia Bella, Buena Serra, Goodnight.
For you are youngest still, yet wise,
Wiser than many still older. Might
We learn a lesson from your brown eyes.

(He turns and faces away from the chair)

Most grain grows tall, yet you stay lower.
Most distances separate, but you draw closer.
We wink and smile, yet are no bolder,
With your independence on you shoulder.

(He sits down)

A tactician’s mind is slower than yours,
For you can do your will; as well
As you deem so. Find the exit, might,
Or yet, you leave your glowing shell.

(He lies back, placing his arms on the armrest)

As for me, I’m done: I’ve run the course.
You have given all so much, I return so little.
Never leave me here. Please carry me home.

(He stands and walks back to the podium)

My friends seem much better now.
Thank you for your time, kind patrons.
We are all together again,
Never more will our hearts bow.

(He bows, picks his clothes, and walks off the stage.)


Tuesday, September 06, 2005


Hey guys, I just wanted to let ya'll know that due to the break out of spam, I put a word identification deali-o on our comments. So if you comment on something and it asks you about a bunch of letters, don't get mad, just do it & prove you're human. Thank you for your cooperation. (Last part to be said in a fake polite/automated voice.)

Monday, September 05, 2005

Together Again

Well, all the members of 8 O'Clock Chaplet are finally united once more in the lovely place I like to call Christendom. Actually, this post is slightly delayed, but I've been doing homework, so back off! *growl & snap* Lol Stressed? What? No! *dripping with sarcasm* Okey, back to the reuniting of the Fellowship. As all of us bloggers know & I'd assume most of you in bloggerland know, Peachy couldn't join us at the start of the year. Up until last Wednesday we've been lamenting his absence and assuring his professors that he, indeed, would be coming.
As wyrd would have it, he almost didn't get picked up for a very long time. My friend Teddy was planning on picking him up & Capitan Oblivious was going to come along. They were going to leave as soon as CO was done with work study. Peachy's plane got in at about 9:45am. Unfortunately Teddy thought that his plane got in at 9:45 pm! But thanks to prodding from the Holy Spirit, (see, I haven't gone pagan!) I asked Teddy what time he was planning on leaving. After some discussion and confusion, we finally realized our miscommunication. After more discussion and confusion and some "I never said that!" and "Yes, you did! You said. . ." we figured out that Peach, would indeed be able to be picked up. Teddy bid me come with them, as I no longer had a work study conflict at that time.
This is how I found myself in a car with two male Virginians. It was an interesting ride. :) CO & I taught Teddy 'yellow car' & he ended up winning. (Grumble, grumble.) We got Peach without much ado, though he looked like he had just stepped out of Guys and Dolls. It was definitely
great to see him again. For a good portion of the ride, he freaked out because one of his socks was navy and the other black. I told him no one would notice in their zeal to see him. He thought otherwise. The guys ended up talking baseball & Irish/Scottish whatnot and I, um, wore a hat? It was fun, though. We even made it back in time for lunch. Way to go Teddy! So we're all back & CC watch out! You ain't seen nothing yet!

Wednesday, August 17, 2005

School time!

Ok, Here I come.
By Thursday night (hopefully by 10) I'll be on campus, moved into my room, dancing to random music on my computer.
That is the hope. I'm still not sure when my dad will be able to leave the house with me and my large amount of stuff.
I mean bags and bags. We're talking food, clothes, movies, computer, books, small woodland creatures, my pet Martian, and a giant mini bug.
I'm bring my bike, which is so cool. Not the bike, but the actual fact that it will be in my possesion at school.
Oh, and I've been working on a story version to give the background on the characters in the movie. Even if it doesn't shed new light on the characters, I hope to make it a good work, even if it must be seperate of the move.
Have fun, see you soon, God Bless, fair well, goodnight

Monday, August 15, 2005

Now is the Time for Many Things

Well, dear friends, soon we shall return to Christendom, a landscape as human as those who dwell within her. I have refused to give in to the delusion that Christendom is a "bubble" of society. The idea that Christendom is a bubble is in fact a dangerous assumption. The world we dwell in is a land inhabited by sinners and sin, and while God provides his grace to abound all the more, nevertheless it must never be forgotten that Christendom too is a fallen world. Yet, God in His Mercy provides more ready means at Christendom for grace, redemption, and forgiveness with the Sacraments. However, without the work of the sacraments in our lives, the reality of sin will quickly destroy everything we hold dear: friendships, charity, anything precious all will be lost.

Note: (I use "he" in the classic English usage as a gender inclusive pronoun instead of the detestable ubiquitous he/she, or his/her, or men/women. If you have a problem with this, don't tell me for I shall call you ignorant and get very angry if you tell me I have excluded women in my talk about friendship, since that is nonsense. The use of "person" instead of "man" or "men" is also avoided, since politically correct language is ridiculous. Occaisonally I use "person" where appropriate.)

Don't presume everything is cheery and fine once you return to Christendom, and don't presume that friendship is an easy art. It requires effort, and self-sacrifice. I mean Christ gave the model of friendship. It requires you to die to yourself each day in friendship. A little at a time. And the sacrifice of self requires charity, time and patience, because each one of us is human and has his faults, yet a friend is loved despite them! Friendship is one of the most important bonds between men in a society. Don't undervalue this gift or throw the chance away to forge and strengthen your friendships. It is true that not all friendships have the same depth, but nevertheless there is genuine strength and mutual respect, and love in friendship. Deliberately and callously throwing off a friend creates a terrible rift in human society. It gives the other person deep hurt, yet it hurts you all the more although you may not realize it. Because, it is you that have made yourself poorer by throwing away the treasure of a friend. So, just think about that for awhile, and ask if your intentions are pure: is this friend loved for whom he is in himself, or for what I may gain later from this friendship. What is my real intention: to love without exspectation of nothing in return, or to love with the hope of another end? If it ain't the former, you're not doing well and it's gonna affect others.

Why did I mention this? Because we're all sinners, and we need to hear it whether we've done it or not. It's a wake-up call for everyone to examine their own conscience, and get ready for the new academic year. Think of it as a homily from Fr. Smith, a sinner himself. Whether I get into that vocation or no is no difference, I'm just opening my trap.

Why friendship, Peachy? Because friends, we are all going to be tried again this year. Yes, there is going to be suffering for us all. Why? Because God purifies our hearts with suffering, and thus tests our resolve and dedication to friendship. If the time, and effort, and cooperation with grace is not there for the friendship, God will make us unworthy of it. A friendship is worthy of suffering. Heaven is worthy of suffering. You don't deserve the things you will not suffer for. Isn't it beautiful to see that unlikely friends are brought together by suffering, and facing the suffering and trials together thus showing love, faithfulness, perseverance, despite the enormity of the trial, and the burdens. Suffering brings forth greater beauty between friends; the treasure of friendship only grows richer. Remember that.

The value you place upon friendship is up to you. Not everyone will accept an offer of friendship, and some will reject it. Fine. But at least the effort was made, and the door is open. It's a two-way street, and some don't wish it. Some may assume other things about us that are simply untrue, and show rash judgement. It hurts, yes. All we can do is forgive, let God's grace purify us, move on, and show friendliness to them. Perhaps He will convert their hearts, as He continues to convert ours.

These are my words on friendship. I'm finally going to write my two freshmen. I'll send it direct to Christendom. I'm not going to tell them simply how wonderful Christendom is. It is wonderful, but it ain't perfect. Wonderful, and perfect are not the same thing. I am wonderfully made, but not perfect. No man can escape Original Sin. I'm going to tell them what is good, and to stay away from the bad: like underage drinking and the dam, and spilling their life stories to every potential friend. (My position is that drinking in college forms bad life habits, encourages alcohol dependency, in young people who have neither the maturity, nor the internal discipline to handle it no matter how mature or smart they think they are. One reason I took the pledge is because I saw that it was making me obsessed about alcohol, which is an unhealthy thing. It ruins lives, marriages, and other people outside yourself. I'm just telling you where I stand, and you should be informed. Also, if someone tells me that it doesn't affect him at all, Socrates would tell him that the person one least knows is himself.)

Well, goodnight, and God bless! I'll see y'all in a week.

Saturday, August 13, 2005

The Colors, Duke, Look at the Colors!

Alas, I must confess, The new color scheme of the Bloggerbar does not fall on me well. I took it for a test run when I first started fiddling with the properties of the blog, and decided that because of the contrast the blue one presented, and the lack of variety the tan one provided, that our blog could be enlivened and thus more aesthetically pleasing by means of the blue bar. I did not mean to offend or upset, rather, I just wanted to share my opinion, and since this is a multi-user blogspot, get the input of the others on aesthetics.

Yet, this is not the real thing bugging me right now. I am brought near tears by one thing: Krystle while be gone. No more to speak with or see. Away in a nunvent where she may not receive contact from men. I am said, nearly crying, just realizing the fact. I understand that I am blessed by being able to see her one last time on Monday, but for some reason, I think that will only succeed in making everything worse. I surely will miss her. I must accept that she can do so much for the world and its salvation with her soon-to-be fellow sisters. I mean, think of how many souls she'll save from purgatory, and even hell, right? *sigh...tear* Let's pray for her, because she's leaving it all behind, and offer our suffering of this occasion up for her, her family, and her intentions.

Friday, August 12, 2005

"I remember there was mist..."

To those who are interested, I will explain the exciting aspects of my birthday. (Insert flashback waves and stuff). I remember it like it was yesterday. Oh yeah, it was.
The day started with myself, little brother, little sister, and dad going fishing. I myself caught nothing, but my brother and sister caught two and one fish respectivly. One my brother caught fell off the hook and flopped back into the pond. The pond itself was a filty algae covered mess. But there were fish, just not for me.
Then the day continued with the cleaning of my house, for company was coming for a party that night. I was excited, but calm. Mature could be a way to describe my behavior. I cleaned and whatever.
I also recieved that long awaited mail, my room assignment. I'm in St. Joe's 9, with everyone's favorite Propter Quid.
Near the time of the party, my brother's best friend's family stops by to drop off a book that the daughter of that family borrowed from my little sister. They stayed for a while, eventually staying for the birthday party, which consisted of family hanging around my house, talking. Always a fun thing to do. I really love talking to my grandfather about his younger days, and about my family from Italy (he's the one that gave me that 1/4 of my blood).

And so we get to the part that everyone is wanting to hear: gifts.
Two George Winston CDs, one of which is the 20th anniversery edition of Autumn, which includes the sheet music for "Longing/Love", the song being used for the movie I'm making at school. I also recieved some shorts, pants, boxers, and the Jaws 30th Anniversery DVD. Yes I will be bringing that to school.
All was said and done, and the day was over.
Today we got to go to the crab feast at my parish. I tell you this: Nothing is better than a large amount of crabs (All you can eat!). After we were finished eating, my cousin, his girlfriend, the Parochial Vicar (non-paster priest at my parish), and myself engaged in a fun game of movie quotes acted out with the crabs on the table. I will never look at movies the same again.
So that's all. I would love to put my two cents in with the battle of the Italian Signoria and the Irish/British Lad, but I'd prefer to just watch it unfold before me.
I found the letter saying when to be back at school. Us welcoming committe must be there by noon on Friday. The earliest to come on campus is Thursday. Expect me Thursday night.
Ok, I'm out of things to say.

Little Miracles.

I forgot to tell about this small incident that happened when I was at the beach this Wednesday.

I have this bad habit of forgetting to take of my glasses when I go swimming. I've lost at least three pairs of glasses swimming with them on. So at the beach, wouldn't you know it, I went into the water with my glasses still on my face. I was on my way back to the shore when I reallized that I had worn my glasses into the ocean, and that they were no longer on my face. I had no clue whatsoever where I had lost them and no hope of ever finding them.

Seeing as the ocean is enormous, and that my glasses are nearly invisible even in clear water (which this was not,) I concluded that any search was probably hopeless. However, desperate to make sure that I didn't have to fly home without them, I waited on the beach hoping that they might wash ashore. After several minutes of waiting, I recieved no such luck.

I decided to give it one more go however. I waded back into the ocean and said my prayers to St. Anthony that I might out of the pure grace of God stumble on to them. Before I had even finished the prayers, I stepped on something that turned out to be my glasses.

God always answers your prayers. Sometimes a little more quickly than you'd expect.

God Bless.

Florida is very hot.

I just walked home from Florida. No, really, I did. Or rather, I took a plain, that didn't get me all the way. So I took a bus that didn't get me all the way. So I took a train that didn't get me all the way. So I took another train that didn't get me all the way home. At which point I decided to walk.

At the moment of composition, the author of this post is very hot and very tired. (And just a little sweaty) I have just ended a five day trip with my family to see my grandmother with my family. They're still in Florida but I returned home early.

I had fun. One day getting there; three days spent there, today getting back, its been a bit of an hassle. I drove down to the Flamingo State with my family. That was a long day. We spent the first day there recooperating and the older members of the family went to see the movie The Island. (I consider myself very cleaver because I timed my bathroom trip so that I would miss the, uh, sceen, that everyone is so worked up about.) The next day the family went to Daytona Beach. (We also timed this one to miss the troublesome sceens, but this was a little easier to do.) Yesterday, we went to Disney World. (There weren't any scenes to miss this time unless you count gross in-your-face materialism.) I would have had fun if it weren't so hot. Disney World is even hot at night! I already told you about today.

I hope this scattered acount of my adventures were of interest to you. I'll give a more complete account next time we all meet. Thats what 4, 5 days?

Thursday, August 11, 2005

Oh yeah? 5 more days; take that!

Ah. Competition is such a fun thing, even if it doesn't make any sense. I suppose I cannot claim to be going back the earliest. I was going back monday, but that didn't turn out and I'm chilling with Krystle on monday, and I'm not going back thursday night to make it back just in enough time on friday morning for freshman welcoming, so I guess I have to claim middle-arriving . . . ness . . . yeah. Okay, so actually, the brain is fried and I am tired, but do not want to go to bed. 3 hours last night and I want to play video games and blog and watch futurama from my pc onto my tv. I must be dumb, or at least seriously mentally impaired--just for now anyway. --- Holy Crap! When was the last time anyone talked to Liz? Is she okay? I just randomly thought about her and how she is the least posty on here, excepting, of course, Tokyo. I guess I just got really concerned for a minute. Tired, yep. IT's definitely tiredbodyitis, or was it tiredminditis . . . oh well. I think that this will have to suffice for now since I do not want to throw you all into a random and spontaneous rage of insanity because of my illogical and illconstrued fancies.


Wednesday, August 10, 2005

The English Lion in Me Roars!

My dear friends. I have finally decided to come out of the closet concerning my identity. I am ... a quarter English, and by Heaven I'm very proud of it! Yes, I have finally decided to come out in the open concerning my proud British heritage, that paragon of culture and civilization that gave birth to the English speaking world. The nation of that proud race that stood alone against the unstoppable wave of Nazism, when all other nations of Europe collapsed. The nation that defied the Armadas of Spain, that stood alone against the Revolutionary armies of Napoleon. This tiny island nation created the greatest Empire the world had ever seen, and where the British empire went, so went British civilisation to lands mired in superstition and squalor. The glory of Britain was the glory of Western civilisation.

Now, many of you have wrongly supposed that I harbor some hatred towards England. "Why, Pete? You're Irish!" you might say. Then I would correct you and say, "No, I'm an American of Irish, English, Scottish, and German descent and I take pride in all of them!" I'm sorry, but whenever I see the Union jack bravely flying into battle, my English heart swells with pride! That is unless, it's against us Americans or the Irish! But when I see the Highlanders hold their ground against the French at Waterloo, or the Queen's soldiers fighting a thousand Zulu warriors, my heart warms with British pride!

Unfortunately, British culture, and its contribution is not very respected at Christendom. It's not celebrated at all! I think there are powerful special interests at work here. English culture is not respected. I mean the culture that produced Sir Francis Drake, Cardinal Newmann, and G.K. Chesterton, and Dr. Townsend is English! I'm glad it's not Spanish, but on the other hand a number of people are sorry that the Armada was a failure. I personally am glad Sir Francis Drake, English Catholics and Protestants together wrecked the ships of that notorious invader Philip II! The Spanish would have ruined England, and the world.

England, my friends is in bad shape. She has lost her pride, and is being destroyed and swept over by the disease of multiculturalism. The monarchy has become an embarrassement, having lost all the pride to which George VI tried desperately to restore. The Church too needs to take action to restore the soul of Britain. Britain needs to recall the memory of its proud deeds, and roar once again to hold back the tide that threatens to wipe out Western civilisation once again. So, it's time to celebrate the merits of British civilization (yes, I've Americanized the spelling once more) at Christendom, and pray for the restoration of British culture.

I met two little English girls at the Waterpark the other day. It was such a delight to speak with them. There was something so delightful and charming about their particular accent. So honest to goodness charming, polite, and English! Yet, shall there be an England, if nothing is done!

Anyway, it is far too late to further my discussion of England. I am of English descent and very proud of it! The only criticism I have of her is in relation to Ireland. But I am very proud of my heritage. If you are partly English too, but feel too afraid to come out and say so, here's your chance! Affirm your Britishness, and don't feel ashamed to join in a little British nostalgia or tea time!